May 5, 2021

My Journey to My Fitness Goals…

I have decided to bring all of you in on my own personal goals and recent challenges for myself.  It is always good to have some accountability, and now, I have all of you to answer to. This should be FUN!

Transparency Is Not Easy …

I am going to get as real as I possibly can with you in an effort to bring you along with me.  I would like to lose about 10 pounds to really get a good start on being my best self.  My BMI is slightly higher than I would like it to be as well.  I am 45 and I am not getting any younger nor is gravity doing me any favors.  So, I have to get serious about tightening up loose skin in areas I haven’t been focused on.  I also play tennis and have recently decided to really challenge myself and start playing singles.  I played singles for about 5 years until I tore my ACL and meniscus on court one day.  So, for three years now, it has been all doubles.  But I think it is time to get back out there.  And with some of my favorite Elite products by my side, I am super excited to see what happens.

My Current Products

Testosterone Therapy (T-Therapy)

I have been doing T-therapy for about a year now and I plan to stick with that.  I most definitely have noticed huge changes in my energy, sex-drive, mood, and strength.  And no, I have not grown any hair in odd places, and I still have every bit of my femininity.  I have always struggled with ovarian cysts and horrible cramping; those seem to have dissipated as well.  I am sure this is due to the fact that those things are brought on by estrogen and Testosterone helps level that out.


I have been taking Glutathione for about 6 months and I cannot even begin to tell you how glad I am that I started when I did.  This stuff is like GOLD for your skin, hair, nails, muscles, vitality, healing, and over-all well-being.  My hair is the longest it has been in a very long time, and my skin is going in reverse on my face.

I had horrible bags under both of my eyes that were making it hard to even want to get ready in the mornings.  I was starting to get some deep-set wrinkles on my forehead, chest, neck and lips and they are all 50% better.  My eyes are 100% back to the way they looked when I was 30, FOR REAL!  I wake up every morning now and put a little moisturizer on, a little blush on my cheeks and my lips, then I finish with a touch of bronzer.  Mascara for a final touch and I am ready to go.

Meyers Cocktail

The Meyers Cocktail is a highly concentrated dose of the most important vitamins our bodies need.  When Covid came onto the scene, I immediately started taking a weekly dose of Meyers and have not stopped.  I have not had covid or anything else so far and I am sure I owe a lot of that to Meyers.


I LOVE Elite Thermogenic!!!  I have already lost about 8 pounds since starting with just one capsule a day.  It is a concoction of caffeine, aspirin and metabolism boosters that make you less hungry and more focused.  The greatest part is the fact that I never feel jittery or weird while taking them.

I just feel good, awake, and alert.  I eat way less too.  It has an appetite suppressant without that feeling of fullness that not everyone loves.  I hate feeling full, so the thermogenic is perfect for me. They say to take a month off after taking it for a couple of months.  I always dread my month off because I love it so much, but I have discovered how to troubleshoot that month.  We will talk about that later.


I just recently started Naltrexone which is also supposed to curb your cravings.  It was originally designed to slowly wean people with drug and alcohol problems off of their vices.  Taken in a lower dose (LDN-Low Dose Naltrexone) can help people let go of those late- night cravings or mid-day sweets.  It works so well; my sweet tooth is a thing of the past and my nightly glass of wine is often forgotten about.


I also just started taking a nightly shot of sermorelin about 3 months ago.  Sermorelin is known for having superpowers…and it does.

  • Increased lean body mass.
  • Fat reduction
  • Improved energy
  • Increased vitality
  • Better strength
  • Longer endurance
  • Accelerated wound healing.
  • Improved cardiovascular and immune function.
  • Better sleep quality
  • Improved bone density
  • Improved skin quality and higher collagen density


I recently developed tennis elbow, and if you do not know what that is, it often takes a tennis player out due to the pain.  Dozens of players quit tennis due to their painful tennis elbow, so when I started to suffer from it, I was a nervous wreck.  My pain is slowly going away on its own, and it must be due to the Sermorelin.

But Wait, There’s More…

One last thing…about a week ago, I started feeling sleepy as soon as I laid my head on my pillow.  This is 100% NOT the norm for me, I typically wake up at night and have a hard time falling asleep and staying asleep.  I am sleeping so hard and so complete every night and I did not even think about the fact that it could be the sermorelin.  It never crossed my mind until I started writing about it just now, and I am like, “duh, that’s why!” LOL!


My New Plan

First, I am going to have my lab work done.  It is SO important for me and the doc to know where all my levels are before making a few changes.  I will let the doc know what my newest goals are now that the other products are doing their jobs.  Lifting weights and adding some tone to my arms, abs, and legs is a big one, along with continuing to sleep great.  Gaining the ability to move quicker on the tennis court and hit harder would be great too.  Reversing the signs of aging as much as I can as well as preventing future flaws will also be a big one.  Things are on a great track, so I do not want to mess with anything, I only want to enhance or build on what I have already started.


Tummy Talk

One thing I have heard more and more over the past few years is belly fat comes with menopause.  It does not matter if you are 30, 35, 40, 45 or 50…perimenopausal or post-menopausal, belly fat is inevitable.  Well, I say NO to that… do not get me wrong, I have developed a little more tummy than I’d like.  Therefore, I am on a mission to tighten my tummy and see my waistline again.  I struggle with acid reflux and it can do a number on your system and your tummy.

BPC-157 is one of Elite’s products that can heal and relax your entire digestive system.  When things work like they should digestively, it is much easier to lose unwanted fat. This is one product I have been on for the past year non-stop.  It has helped me so much; I am afraid to stop taking it.  All it really does is help relax your digestive tract and subdue any excessive acid naturally.  It heals and restores your GI tract back to the way it once was.


My Point…

I am going to take a leap and stop taking BPC for a while.  I am excited to see if things have healed up and I do not suffer like I did for so many years.  Of course, I will consult with the doc first, but hopefully he or she will tell me I am good to try it.


A Few of My Favorite Things…

That is what I love about Elite, they are all so knowledgeable about the products and cater to YOU and YOUR needs.  Of course, everyone can benefit from several of our products, like glutathione and sermorelin, but others need to be carefully crafted for you.  For example, I needed a lot more testosterone added to my system than most.  Why?  Who knows?  We are all made differently and it is silly to think we should just put whatever, whenever we want to in our bodies.

Another great example is my B-12 was high and I was suffering from it having NO IDEA that is what was causing my symptoms.  So, I backed off a powder vitamin I was drinking daily (not an Elite product), and my symptoms went away within a week.  I would have never known.


Beyond the Products…

Along with my bloodwork and possible new addictions to my regimen, I expressed wanting to lift weights.  I play A LOT of tennis, so my cardio department is good to go.  The problem with doing all cardio and little weightlifting is the lack of muscle mass created.  Over time and as we age, muscle mass is what keeps us younger, better, faster, and stronger.  We NEED muscle to maintain our youthfulness.  Therefore it is really important for me to get on a solid weight routine.  Nothing fancy, just a few free weights, kettle bells and my own body to get things rolling.


Tip of the Day:

Tell someone!  Make sure several people in your everyday life know what you are doing.  Telling others about your goals will help you stay the course.  If no one knows, it is easier for you to skip the gym or grab that donut in the breakroom.  Accountability comes in many forms, but your family and co-workers are key in finding daily success and reaching your goals.  Or heck, even surpassing them!  Cheers to setting goals and crushing them!!!



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