September 28, 2021

First, You Better Recognize!!!

Perimenopause happens to 75% of women and is recognized by about 30% of them. The signs are there and can be greatly reduced when recognized, the kicker is RECOGNIZING!  Too many women chalk it up to being over-worked, exhausted, age, depression etc.  We’re here to help every woman that enters our world sail through menopause with ease.

The Top 10 signs of perimenopause are:

  1. Irregular Periods

For many women, irregular periods are the first sign they’re entering perimenopause. They may begin to skip a month here or there. Sometimes the period itself changes, becoming lighter and shorter or, in some cases, heavier and longer. Changes in the frequency or intensity of a period can also indicate pregnancy, so when these symptoms first begin, many women visit the doctor to confirm the cause. Menopause does not officially begin until a woman has missed 12 consecutive periods.

  1. Migraines

Many factors can lead to migraines, including abnormal brain activity, certain odors, missed meals, stress, exercise, and exposure to light. Migraines related to perimenopause are due to the decrease of estrogen, which is also what usually causes migraines related to the menstrual cycle. Menstrual-cycle-related migraines are typically only experienced by women prone to getting migraines. But because estrogen fluctuates during perimenopause, even women who have never before experienced a migraine may get one during this time.

  1. Hot Flashes and Night Sweats

The reason women in perimenopause experience hot flashes is unknown, though many experts suspect the drop in estrogen disrupts the body’s internal thermostat. This causes the brain to misread bodily signals and initiate a cool-down mode when it is not necessary. Hot flashes can cause the skin to literally heat up and may also lead to sweating. The latter helps cool the body back to its proper temperature. Approximately 75% to 80% of women in perimenopause experience hot flashes. While they are uncomfortable, they usually only last for up to ten minutes at a time. For some women, hot flashes only come in the form of night sweats, which can disrupt sleep.

  1. Low Libido and Changes in Sexual Desire

During perimenopause, sexual arousal and desire may change. Most women report decreased libido during perimenopause, but some studies show women with healthy sex drives before perimenopause could experience a slight increase in their sex drive.

  1. Mood Swings

Intense mood swings, anger, and feeling “on edge” are some of the earliest signs of perimenopause and can begin even before changes in the cycle begin. Nearly 40% of women have mood swings associated with hormonal changes. These range from feelings of rage to intense moodiness, anxiety, and crying spells. Studies show the risk of depression doubles when women enter perimenopause, and those with a history of extreme PMS or postpartum depression are at greater risk.

  1. Weight Gain

Unfortunately, weight gain in the perimenopausal years is well-documented. In such cases, fat does not distribute evenly; instead, hormones cause excess weight to settle in the abdominal area. Carrying extra pounds on the waistline is linked to insulin resistance, which leads to a greater chance of heart disease and many other health problems. Over time, the percentage of lean muscle mass in our body decreases, which results in a reduced ability to burn calories. For this reason, it is essential that women stay active and maintain healthy diets, both leading up to and during perimenopause.

  1. Cognitive Problems

Perimenopausal women may find it difficult to concentrate and focus on tasks. Almost 60% experience short-term memory loss, difficulty learning and remembering details, and trouble maintaining attention. During perimenopause, women may forget things more often or misplace everyday items such as their keys. The effect is temporary; cognitive function generally returns to normal.

  1. Vaginal Dryness

The drop in estrogen during perimenopause leads to vaginal atrophy — the drying and thinning of vaginal tissues. Some women equate this symptom with sexual inadequacy or dysfunction, but it is a natural reaction to hormonal changes that precede menopause. Women experiencing vaginal dryness can reverse this symptom with the use of peptides and supplements.

  1. Breast Tenderness

Breast pain is a common complaint among perimenopausal women. Hormonal changes lead to water retention, which causes the breasts to feel heavy and sore to the touch. To reduce discomfort, women can try cutting back on caffeine and fat intake, taking pain relievers, and applying cold or hot compresses. Consult with a physician before taking pain relievers for breast tenderness, as long-term use may have health risks. Wearing a more supportive bra during the day or while sleeping can also ease pain.

  1. Urinary Incontinence

Some women going through perimenopause find it harder to control their bladders. Like vaginal tissue, the muscle tissue in and surrounding the bladder and urethra requires estrogen to remain strong and supple. When estrogen levels drop during perimenopause, the muscle tissue around the bladder and urethra thin, which can lead to incontinence. Kegel exercise can strengthen the pelvic muscles, provide structural support to the bladder, and help close the urethra. Estrogen therapy can also help.


What is menopause?

True menopause typically settles in between 45-58 years of age.  Most women start experiencing signs of menopause in their 40’s and transition for about 4 years.


What are night sweats?


They are the devil…LOL!   Close to it because most women claim they wreak havoc on their sleep. Night sweats are due to a drop in estrogen.  They feel like they start from within your core and flush outward.  You’ll sweat without any warning and end up with the chills when they are all said and done.


How can I manage night sweats?


  1. Keep the extra pounds at a minimum.

Studies show with significance the fact that women who are overweight experience twice as many hot flashes and night sweats as women within their normal weight range.  It’s never too late to lose, what if you felt the best you’ve ever felt DURING Menopause all because you finally lost the weight you’ve always wanted to?


Elites Take-

At Elite Health Online, we love to see women try our weight loss stack and experience success!  It never fails due to the amazing combination of thermogenic, our skinny shot and lipo drops!


  1. Stop smoking

Women that smoke experience 50% more hot flashes than other women. What’s more? Women exposed to regular second-hand smoke also have more trouble in this area. Bottom line, stop smoking!

Elite’s Take-

Naltrexone is one of our best medicines that can help you toss the habit for good.  Originally created for drug rehabilitation, it’s been discovered to really treat any type of addiction from alcoholism to nicotine.  Our customers love it and you will too.

  1. Plan your sleep environment

You can’t control when or how menopause arrives, but you can control your environment. Try turning down the thermostat before bed and sleeping with a fan on your nightstand. It’s also helpful to turn over your pillow frequently, use bedding materials that breathe well, and wear pj’s that are loose or wear nothing at all.


Elite’s Take-

CJC-1295 is a peptide proven to improve your sleep among many other perks.  The peptide works by increasing your growth hormones that are needed for a proper functioning immune system as well as endocrine system.  When these systems are well taken care of, you sleep like a bear in hibernation and wake up ready to take on the day without grogginess. Your vitality will show in everything you do and others will take notice.


  1. Soy it Up

Soy causes an increase in estrogen and typically the drop in estrogen is what causes the yuck symptoms to come on during perimenopause.  Plant-based foods are rich in soy or just opt for a snack of edamame to boost the phytoestrogens!

Elite’s Take-

We don’t sell edamame, but we do sell the beloved Meyers Cocktail.  This weekly injection is so full of everything good, you’ll toss your mulit-vitamin right in the trash.  From potassium to magnesium and all the B’s, your body will love you back once you start this treatment.  The Phyto-nutrients in Meyers will help your body compensate for the lack in estrogen during menopause and possibly increase it.

  1. Exercise

Beginning in physical education class in the 1st grade, you’ve been told to exercise, so why not start at 40?  It’s never too late to move those bones and feel better with endorphins, energy and calories burned.


Elite’s Take-

We have one product that stands in a category all by itself due to its amazing affects.  Oxandrolone is a non-scary steroid for women that increases blood flow and helps create muscle tone like you’ve never seen.  It will work alone, but when coupled with a weekly weight routine, you’ll have Carry Underwood’s quads in no time.  Muscles help burn fat and calories which are a MUST when trying to tell Perimenopause to hit the road.


  1. Find Your Zen

When you are stressed, it can most definitely cause menopausal symptom to worsen.  Try figuring out several things that calm your nerves when you feel them come on.  An example would be yoga, breathing, prayer, music, counting to 10 or just watching your favorite Netflix flick.  Anything that helps you unwind will do.

Elite’s Take-

Oxytocin is the feel-good med of the 21st century.  Why? Because it does just that, it literally makes you feel like holding hands and chewing bubble gum on a playground while singing in the rain.  It’s the cuddle drug and increases your serotonin level causing you to feel good all over.  If stress free and feelin fine is the goal, Oxytocin is your answer.

  1. Start hormone therapy!

This is an incredible way to help night sweats along with a plethora of other symptoms of menopause.  Women are using testosterone pellets more and more every day and their night sweats and hot flashes have completely subsided.


Elite’s Take-

We love testosterone and we love watching women fall head over heals for the stuff.  When you are lacking in this terrific hormone, you are lacking some of the best parts of your sexuality.  Testosterone does for women what bananas do for a banana split, it makes or breaks it.  Menopause can cause a woman to feel broken, taking a tad of test can help you feel not only put back together, but better than before.


Beyond Our Products:

We’re gonna get real for just a minute.  Perimenopause and Menopause are just about the most unfun things a woman can go through.  We know this because we are women too and we’ve all been there, so we want to help.  Our own staff members report better skin, hair, nails, bodies, sex-drives and moods than when they were in their 30’s.  SERIOUSLY!  Your first step is to NOT ACCEPT the idea that, “this is just how it is.”  It’s Not and we can prove it, but you have to believe it first.  Say no to hot flashes, low-libido, bad moods and depression and say hello to the next 50 years of AMAZING!

Tip of the Day:

Did you know…Kale is ranked #1 in healthiest foods?

So, having scoured the full list of applicants, we have crowned kale as the number 1 healthiest food out there. Kale has the widest range of benefits, with the fewest drawbacks when stacked up against its competitors.  Next time you’re perusing the Trader Joe’s aisle, go for the Kale chips.  Trust us, they’re tasty!  Cheers and KALE to the Chef and Your Health!!!

To learn more about reducing the symptoms of menopause, contact us today.  We’re here to help.

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