March 15, 2021

Redefine Your Fitness with HIIT

Learn why HIIT or High Intensity Interval Training is one of the best ways you can get an incredible full body workout in 30 minutes or less…

Many of you may have read High Intensity and decided this most likely wasn’t for you, but that’s where you are WRONG!  Some people start with as little as 5-10 minutes of a HIIT workout a day and build from there.  Fitness doesn’t happen overnight, if it did, everyone in the world would be fit.  Fitness happens overtime with discipline and a lot of self-compassion along the way.

The Sunburn Strategy

Ever been to the beach on Spring Break?  These trips typically occur just coming off of a long winter’s hiatus from the sunshine and water fun.  7 out of 10 people decide they’ll just layout in the sun for the first day and achieve that nice sun kissed look for the rest of the trip.  Unfortunately, this isn’t the most realistic expectation, even when SPF is applied generously before heading out that morning.  The usual outcome consists more of a horrific sunburn that causes pain and anguish for the duration of the trip.

Much like the first day burner, a one HIIT wonder doesn’t exist either.  It’s like we always say here at Elite Health Online, slow and steady wins the race, so start small, with little victories.  These smaller wins will lead to bigger wins without the feeling of failure being able to creep in when you miss a workout or two. Or if you can’t finish one because your body is needing a rest, this is where self-compassion comes in.

I Might As Well Give UP…

This way of thinking prohibits so many eager to be fit people from reaching their goals.  We tend to begin with an all-or-nothing attitude, so when nothing days happen, we throw in the towel and pull into the nearest McDonalds.  This only leads to further self-deprecation and less self-compassion.  You have to learn to give yourself a break knowing that no one is perfect and reaching a fitness goal is more about the way it makes YOU feel, not everyone else.

Real Talk…(Personal Testimony)

There were several years in my own particular life when I based every decision I ever made off of what someone else thought I needed to do.  Or seeking someone else’s approval, all the while never really knowing what it was that I wanted. As long as it made my parents, my teachers, my coaches, my bosses, my husband and even my children happy, I was IN.  The problem with this way of living is never knowing who you truly are and being clueless about your own goals, dreams and aspirations.  This only changed for me about a year ago when I discovered several of the supplements and medicines at Elite Health Online from a friend.  I decided for myself that I was going to make the call and go get my lab work done, then when the results came in, I would figure out what I wanted to do.

I had gained about 20 pounds and felt pretty lack luster to say the least. The typical middle-aged woman who lost any spark she once had and was just accepting it.  I would look in the mirror with complete disgust (never a good idea) and these feelings would reflect on my family.  My poor husband was still very much in love with me and never once made me feel less desirable, yet I WAS less desirable TO ME.  That’s when it hit me for the first time…I had to do something for ME and not let anyone else’s opinions or input sway me.  This was going to be the new me, in more ways than one!

Why HIIT Is A Hit!

Once I received my lab work, I had some idea of what I was missing and gained knowledge from the Elite Docs on how to troubleshoot. We’ll talk more about that later…

For now, I want to tell you about my very first HIIT experience.  I read the information online and decided it was the best route for me…

Benefits of HIIT

  • Burns a lot of calories in a short amount of time.
  • Our metabolic rate is higher for hours after exercise.
  • Fat Burning
  • Muscle Building
  • Full Body Workout
  • Improves Oxygen Consumption
  • Helps regulate blood sugar.
  • Improves Endurance
  • Turns back the clock on a cellular level.

The trick is to PUSH yourself (without over doing it) during your work intervals and rest during your rest intervals, and choose full body movements.

Top 10 HIIT Workouts (according to Prevention Magazine)

  • The Charleston
  • Thread the Needle
  • Pop Jacks
  • Push-Up side-to-side
  • Thrust
  • Plank Jack with Tuck
  • Superman
  • Lateral Tick Tock
  • Inchworm
  • Leggy Burpee


HIIT Workout 1: Charleston

  • Beginning in proper plank position step one foot forward between your hands and power through that knee to lift the other leg up. Return to plank; repeat on the other side.
  • Pro tip:To make this move more challenging you can hop off your planted foot as you lift the opposite leg.

HIIT Workout 2: Thread the Needle

  • From plank, weave one leg long beneath your body and touch it with the opposite hand. Return to plank; repeat on the other side.


HIIT Workout 3: Pop Jack

  • From plank, jump both legs forward into a wide sumo squat with toes pointed outward.  Place your hands in front of your chest, as if ready to catch a ball. Return to plank and repeat.


HIIT Workout 4: Push-Up Side-to-Side

  • From plank, bring your right arm and right leg further out to the side, then do one push-up (drop to your knees, if necessary). Return to plank; repeat on the left.


HIIT Workout 5: Thrust

  • From plank, jump your feet in, just behind your hands. Leap up high to the sky with arms outstretched, then tuck back down. Jump back to plank and repeat.


HIIT Workout 6: Plank Jack with Tuck

  • From plank, jump your legs out wide and then back in. Next, jump your feet forward, tucking your knees toward your tummy. Jump back to plank and repeat.
  • Pro tip:Learn the proper plank position before you start this move.


HIIT Workout 7: Superman

  • From plank, drop your body down to the floor. Raise your arms overhead and lift them slightly up (or lift arms AND legs, if your lower back allows). Drop to the floor and place your hands under your shoulders to press back up to plank. Repeat.


HIIT Workout 8: Lateral Tick Tock

  • From plank, jump both feet outside of your right hand. Return to plank. Jump both feet outside of your left hand. Repeat.


HIIT Workout 9: Inchworm

  • From plank, walk your hands in until they nearly touch your feet. Walk them back out to return to plank. Repeat.


HIIT Workout 10: Leggy Burpee

  • From plank, take your hands out slightly wider than your shoulders and do one push-up. Jump your feet in. Rise up and do two lunges (alternating legs), then leap up high. Tuck back down with feet in, then jump back to plank with wide arms. Repeat.

My Lab Results…

My bloodwork showed low levels of estrogen, Vitamin D and testosterone as well as high B-12.  I had lost most of my libido, and self-esteem due to weight gain, brittle hair, blotchy skin and the dreaded turkey neck.  I was willing to try anything that was healthy and beneficial to my body without any negative side-effects, unless they were a sign of positive change.  An example would be exercising and pushing my muscles with the result being a few days of soreness, I would obviously be A-OK with that.

The Plan…

I realized the multi-vitamin I was taking along with a certain workout drink contained B-12 and for some reason my body held onto the B-12 a little too well.  As a result, I stopped the multi-vitamin as well as the drink and started taking a weekly Myers Cocktail shot instead.

I started taking DIM capsules and Vitamin D tabs daily to help regulate my estrogen and raise my Vitamin D.  Low Vitamin D is the cause of a long list of the top signs of aging, who knew?

In an effort to help my turkey neck, blotchy skin and brittle hair (I even developed a bald spot) UGH, I began a weekly Glutathione treatment.  I also started a nightly regiment of CJC-1295.

The libido and weight gain were all due to low testosterone, so I started Low-T therapy with the use of a testosterone pellet.

6 Months Later…

I have a libido that my hubby doesn’t recognize, can barely keep up with, and he’s VERY thankful for the change in me.  He feels needed and wanted again for the first time in years.  My B-12 is under control, estrogen and progesterone are within perfect range and I have more energy than I can ever remember having before.  The hair, skin and nail department is clearly very happy as well, because my hair is longer and thicker than ever, and nails are ALL MINE without any fake needed.  I only need a little touch of blush and bronzer daily and I’m ready to hit the town.  I cannot believe the difference my HIIT workouts have made as well.

The Definite Difference

My arms and legs have shape again. The 6 pack abs are almost back, while my ONLY complaint is the fact that my butt needs some muscle, I’ve lost so much weight, my booty needs to be muscled up now.   HIIT workouts are 3 days a week for 30 minutes at a time, that is ALL.  I stretch everyday for about 15 minutes and I walk, run or play tennis a couple of times a week.  If it weren’t for HIIT training, I would have zero muscle tone.  It’s just the easiest thing you could ever do for yourself.

Beyond Our Products…

I’m constantly watching my children being challenged with new things, and when they get down, I always tell them to rise to the challenge, because it builds character.  Take some of my advice for my children for yourself, goodness knows I’ve had to do this as I began my journey to a happier, healthier HIIT me.  It’s hard and challenging, but WONDERFUL watching yourself change physically and mentally right before your very own eyes.

Tip of the Day…

Positivity goes a long way.  It’s a fact, it’s been proven countless times, and it’s always a good idea.  Buy yourself a dry erase marker and every morning write a positive affirmation on your mirror.  You can even ask your significant other, and/or your children to do it too.  You can even write some on their mirrors for them.  Creating a positive environment will help you push through the harder, more challenging days. Seek the positive in everything, Pollyanna did it and so can YOU!  Cheers to Cheering for yourself and others!







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