February 20, 2021

Why Women Should Stack…

Whether you are just starting to explore the world of weight loss or you’ve always been a health nut, we welcome you to explore our world of stacks, you will be so glad you did.


What Are Stacks?

Stacks are simply put; a combination of vitamins, minerals and peptides formulated specifically for a task.  In this case, our stacks are specifically geared towards weight loss, health and wellness and even a little boost in the bedroom if needed.  Our doctors can formulate exactly what you need to meet your specific goals.  We each have our own fabulous make and model that needs to be handled adequately when making any kind of change.  Our unique stacks will do just that in a way that is easy to understand and easy to introduce into your everyday life.


Situations and Stacks:

Janet’s Situation

Janet is 60, a type 1 diabetic, depressed and as a result, gaining weight. She is encouraged to go to Elite Health Online after she has lunch with her friend Mary.


Janet’s Stack Solution

Being a type1 diabetic, Janet must be extra cautious in what she takes for weight loss and depression.  Several medications can interfere with her blood sugar which could result in severe consequences. Our doctors came up with a perfect combination of supplements, peptides and lipotropic.


Amino Acids are good for everyone because they help our bodies restore, reset and regenerate.  Our bodies are made up of 9 main amino acids, 5-Amino consists of the top 5 needed for ultimate health and wellness.  An added bonus is Amino acids aide in weight-loss as well as over-all fitness.  Janet’s doctor knew this was the first step in getting her back into her life again and feeling great.

Many Health Benefits of Sermorelin

  • Increased lean body mass.
  • Fat reduction.
  • Improved energy.
  • Vivid vitality.
  • Super strength enhancement.
  • Better endurance.
  • Accelerated wound healing.
  • Improved cardiovascular and immune function.

 Lipo Drops

Lipo drops are simply put, little drops of skinny, due to our unique formula. Our formula consists of probiotics, B-12 and branch chain amino acids.  All in all, they help our bodies cleanse, sustain energy, and hold onto those muscles and strong bones.


Janet’s Outcome

After committing to a balanced diet fit for a type 1 diabetic and using her stack regularly for 6 months, Janet is now down 15 pounds, but gained muscle definition she hasn’t seen in years due to her time in the gym.  Eating even a little better and working out just a little more can boost your stack in ways you won’t believe.  Janet is most definitely a believer now!


Mary’s Situation

Mary is 65, a type 2 diabetic and has recently lost 20 pounds for the first time in 20 years after using one of Elite Health’s weight loss stacks.


Mary’s Stack Solution

Mary’s stack consists of HRT (hormone replacement therapy), cjc-1295 and Lipoden.  After reading Mary’s bloodwork, the doctor realized her diabetes had most likely caused her liver and gallbladder to slow in their process of eliminating toxins as well caused insulin resistance.


Lipoden (otherwise known as the skinny shot) is a lipotropic that works wonders in the body by improving so many different parts, your body begins to react because of how good it feels.  Along with the doc’s findings, he found an estrogen dominance and a severe shortage of testosterone.

HRT (Hormone Replacement Therapy)

Therefore, HRT was a must for Mary to get back to her happy weight and happy life.  Estrogen dominance alone is responsible for so many of the problems women face, which include moodiness, dry skin, hair loss, lack of sex drive, weight gain, brittle nails, depression, insomnia and more.  When coupled with no testosterone, the doctor had a real-life Cruella DeVille on his hands.


The peptide known as CJC-1295 is a wonderful addition to any weight loss program mainly because it helps the body heal and improves sleep quality naturally.  After 3 months of using her stack, Mary’s body was on the road to feeling better than ever.


Marcy’s Situation

Marcy is 45, perimenopausal, married for 22 years, 2 kids and has always cared about her health and fitness.  Suddenly things started to change and no matter how hard she worked, nothing seemed to help.  She heard about HRT from a friend, so decided to go online, book an appointment and give it a try, what can it hurt?  Marcy had also noticed a big drop in her desire for intimacy with her husband, but chalked it up to 22 years together and 2 rowdy boys always running around.  So many questions were finally answered when the doctor called her with her results.  Not only was Marcy -5 on the testosterone chart, but her B-12 was so high it registered off the charts and her thyroid was teetering on the hypo side.

Marcy’s Stack Solution

Marcy was committed to getting back to her old self sooner than later and told the doctors and staff to give her the whole gambit of what was needed.  Marcy started with a testosterone pellet, cjc-129, bpc-157 and oxandrolone.  Let’s break it down.

Testosterone Pellets

Pellets are a wonderfully easy way to get the needed amount of testosterone you need without having to worry about taking it daily.  It is inserted subcutaneously in your glute and dispenses a little each day into your body.  The pellet acts exactly like an extended-release medication, slowly over time.  The procedure is hardly a procedure at all as the doctor only needs about a ¼ of an inch to insert the pellet.  Depending on the level your testosterone registers, you may or may not need more than one, but all pellets can be inserted at the same time.

The Benefits of CjC-1295

  • Increased Bone Density. …
  • Strengthens the cardiovascular system.
  • Increase in muscle mass. …
  • The ability to burn fat. …
  • Increased Sex drive. …
  • Improved Recovery and Repair from Injuries. …
  • Strengthens Immune System. …
  • Improves cognition and memory function.



The Beauty of BPC-157

BPC-157 is the jack of all trades in peptide therapy.  This little pill or injection can put your entire body at ease with it’s relaxing components.  This peptide also helps the body heal faster and feel stronger all while making the digestive tract operate acid free.  So many weight-loss failures start in the gut, but not when you are taking bpc-157.


Oh, How We Love Oxandrolone

Marcy not only wanted to feel good again, but she also wanted to LOOK great again.  She had a goal in mind of getting in the best shape of her life before she turned 50.  This is where oxandrolone works it’s magic.  When taken once a day, this fantastic find not only helps a person lean out and feel 50 times stronger, but it also helps a woman’s libido in ways we’re too shy to talk about.  This was the final bow on top of Marcy’s solution and she’s happier than ever…not to mention her hubby. Wink Wink!


Let’s Sum It Up…

3 different situations, 3 different stacks, 3 very happy ladies.  This too can be YOU, all it takes is a simple prick of your finger and your entire world can change for the better.  Janet, Mary, and Marcy were all nervous at first and probably a bit skeptical too, but nothing would have changed for them had they not taken that first step.  The choice is yours, start now by asking yourself, “what do I want out of this life of mine?”  We can almost guarantee one of your answers was to stay healthy and live well, that’s where we can help.


Beyond our Products

Get back to MOVING.  Our bodies love to move and were made to move, so why are so many of us so lethargic and lackadaisical?  We were made to dance, laugh, and sweat every single day.  So, if you do nothing else for the next year of your life, start moving again.  If you sit at a desk all day, start standing up to work.  If you’ve always wanted to learn to two-step, go take a lesson or two with a group of friends or your honey.  Whatever, however, we don’t care, just get moving again.  You’ll thank yourself for the way you’re going to feel. To Move, or Not to Move…. there is NO question!!!!!


Tip of the Day

Every morning, your alarm clock goes off, you slap it with your heavy hand and close your eyes for 10 more seconds, or minutes.  Here is a tip…tomorrow morning, as soon as that blessed beeping begins, bounce out of bed, drop, and give yourself 20 (push-ups).  It’s incredible what this simple act does for your morning and the rest of your day.  When you instantly get your heart pumping and your muscles working, your brain tells your body to start TICKIN.  So, when your day starts to give you a lickin, you can keep on…well, you know!  Cheers to the ups and downs of life and the ups and downs of the old’ faithful push-up!

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