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Metformin is used to control blood sugar levels and lower insulin in the blood. Furthermore, metformin is well known for slowing the aging process, preventing age-related disease, and increasing lifespan. Preliminary studies suggest that metformin may actually slow aging and increase life expectancy by improving the body’s responsiveness to insulin, antioxidant effects, and improving blood vessel health.


For decades we’ve known that metformin does more than just help lower blood sugar in people with diabetes. It also offers them cardiovascular benefits, including lower rates of death due to cardiovascular disease. And it sometimes helps people with diabetes lose excess weight.

Metformin may also have health benefits for people who don’t have diabetes. Licensed Medical Providers have long prescribed it off-label — that is, to treat conditions outside its approved use, including:

People with prediabetes have elevated blood sugar that isn’t yet high enough to qualify as diabetes. Metformin may delay the onset of diabetes or even prevent it among people with prediabetes.

Gestational diabetes:
Pregnant women may develop elevated blood sugar that returns to normal after delivery. Metformin can help control blood sugar during pregnancy in such women.

Polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS):
This disorder tends to affect young women whose ovaries develop multiple cysts. Menstrual irregularities and fertility problems are common. Although the results of clinical studies are mixed, metformin has been prescribed for years for women with PCOS to help with menstrual regulation, fertility, and elevated blood sugar.

Weight gain from antipsychotic medicines:
Antipsychotics are powerful medications prescribed for psychiatric diseases such as schizophrenia. One common side effect is significant weight gain. Metformin may lessen weight gain among some people taking these drugs.

Dosing Information:

90 capsules: at least a 3-month supply of the 500mg or 1000mg dose. It’s recommended to start at 250mg (1/2 500mg tablet) if this is your first time taking Metformin due to acid reflux, a potential side effect.



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