Men’s Sexual Health After 40: What You Need to Know

by | May 5, 2021 | General, Men's Health, Sexual Performance, T-Therapy

May 5, 2021

Ok, guys! This one’s for you! Especially if you are about to turn 40 or have already passed it.

It’s time to talk biological clocks. You may have thought that only women have them, but we’re here to let you know you’ve got them too.

As you age, your hormones change- especially after you turn 40.

They don’t necessarily change for the better. As your sex hormones decrease, your body experiences a hormonal imbalance that affects all your body systems. It can cause all kinds of symptoms, including really screwing with your desire for sex.


Men’s Sexual Health After 40: What You Need to Know


Sex May Take a Little More Work

Declines in hormone levels make it harder to be ready to get in the groove at a moment’s notice. Women aren’t the only ones who get hormone imbalances in their 40’s. Men do too.

Hormonal changes cause changes in desire, sexual arousal, and general physical comfort during sexual activity. If that happens, you’ll need to find ways to increase stimulation during sexual activity or increase your focus on sensual pleasuring in order to get aroused.


Sex After 40 Could Be Some of the Best Sex of Your Life

Aging isn’t all bad. Couples in their 40s+ have some of the best sex of their lives. Why? More sexual confidence, a drive to make sex more fun, a stronger sense of sexual self, and a desire for deeper emotional bonding for more meaningful and passionate sex all lead to experimentation and exploration, which can make your sex life better than ever.


A Healthy Heart Is the Key to a Strong Sex Drive

Your muscles and waistline aren’t the only things affected when you hit the gym, so is your libido. If you want a strong libido, you need to have a strong cardiovascular system. Keeping up your cardio and strength training gives you more stamina, strength, and confidence in the sack.


Both Over 40 and Trying to Get Pregnant? Sex Can Get Boring

Getting pregnant after 40 can be a challenge. The quantity and quality of a woman’s eggs decrease as she ages which means that the odds of conceiving are increasingly against you. In addition, fertility treatments and many routines prevent pregnancy and can make sex feel like a chore. If your sperm count is low or you’re having a hard time getting it up on schedule, it can make it feel like torture.


You’ll Last Longer

We’re always hearing about the downside of declining hormone levels, but there’s some good news too! Men over 40 tend to last longer than they did when they were younger. As a result, you can slow down, connect with your partner, and delay orgasm so that both of you can enjoy the fun.


Men’s Sexual Health: 5 Tips to Improve Sexual Performance

Lifestyle changes have proven to be one of the best ways to get your libido back. Here are five tips for better performance in the bedroom.


1. Your Gym Routine Will Do Wonders for Your Equipment

Daily workouts can lower stress, help you stay in shape, enhance mood, and boost your sex drive. Research has shown that regular exercise increases your metabolic rate, blood flow, and muscle activation, which leads to more arousal and satisfaction in the bedroom.


2. Supercharge with Libido-Boosting Foods

Eating carrots, apples, spinach, avocados, oatmeal and tomatoes, chili peppers, and other spicy foods can boost sexual desire and performance.


3. Break the Bad Habits

All that excessive smoking and drinking that you were doing in your 20’s is really going to mess you up if you keep it up in your 40’s. We’re not just talking about your lungs, liver, and heart.

Long-term alcohol abuse damages your nervous system, which is responsible for sending signals that cause erections. Smoking limits blood flow to your penis. Need we say more?


4. Limit the All-Nighters

Your body needs sleep to produce testosterone. We covered the science of this in our article “Changing Hormones and Diabetes.” Low-T leads to low libido. If you want to improve your sexual health after 40, get at least seven hours of sleep every night.


5. Lube It Up

Both you and your partner will be much happier if you lube it up, especially if your partner is a woman over 40. If she feels discomfort during sex because her vaginal walls are getting thinner or she’s drier than she used to be, neither of you is going to have a good experience.


Men’s Sexual Health: Erectile Issues

Here’s the deal. You can expect to have erectile issues as early as your 40’s. It’s life. Even if your sex drive seems pretty hardy, you may be having a hard time with getting it up.

Are your erections less firm?

Are they less reliable?

Do you have to wait forever between erections?

These are all signs of sexual dysfunction. As if those three things don’t suck enough as it is, erectile dysfunction can reach out into other aspects of your psyche and relationships.

  • You may find your sex life sucks.
  • You may get hit with stress or anxiety.
  • Embarrassment and low self-esteem may come for a never-ending visit.
  • Your relationship may start crashing and burning.
  • You may not be able to get your partner pregnant.


You don’t have to settle. If you’re having erectile issues, it’s time to get your testosterone levels checked. Andropause is the male version of menopause. It’s caused by a natural, age-related decline in sex hormones. When you have andropause, side effects include:

  • Feel fatigued
  • Gain weight
  • Lose  muscle mass
  • Become irritable
  • Have low or no sex drive
  • Experience erectile dysfunction


Are You Ready to Get Your Libido Back?

Testosterone optimization therapy can help alleviate and, in some cases, reverse many of these symptoms. If you’re ready to get your libido back, check out our sexual health and performance protocols. Not only do we offer T-therapy, but we also offer PT-141(peptides), Sildenafil, and Tadalafil to boost your sexual desire and performance.

Select a protocol, and let’s get started!

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