Hormone Injections vs. Pellets: Who Reigns Supreme?

by | Feb 24, 2021 | General, Hormone Optimization, HRT

February 24, 2021

It’s time to step it up, at work, at the gym, and in the bedroom. You know that to get to the next level in whatever you do, you need to undergo hormone optimization therapy. But even though you know you’re suffering from a hormonal imbalance, you haven’t figured out which option is the optimal delivery system for you long term.

Some people say it’s better to use pellets, while others say it’s better to use injections. And we certainly have our opinion. We know you don’t want somebody telling you what to do with your body. And you want to make your own decisions. So here are the facts about hormone injections vs. pellets for informational purposes only.

Hormone Injections vs. Pellets – Who Reigns Supreme?

You are probably already aware of what an injection is. According to WHO (World Health Organization), an injection introduces a drug, vaccine, contraceptive, or another therapeutic agent into the body using a needle and syringe.

It’s likely that at some point in your life, you’ve already had a few injections- mainly of vaccines or possibly other medications. However, a pellet may not be something you are familiar with.

When it comes to hormones, a pellet is a small, rice-sized pellet that is placed under the skin and releases a specific measured amount of hormones over several months. How does it get under the skin? Through a small incision that requires no stitches.

Let’s Make Some Comparisons of  Hormone Injections vs. Pellets

Here are some facts and pros and cons of injections vs. pellets for hormone replacement therapy:

Fact: You Have to Get the Hormones in Your Body Somehow

Pellet therapy requires incisions which can be painful and lead to infection. They can also be rejected. Injections are quick in and out with a needle, and most are painless.

Fact: Pellets Are Inserted Under the Skin

Once a pellet is inserted under the skin, it must remain there until the pellet has fully discharged all of its hormones. This could take about three months.

Pro: You only have to visit the doctor’s about four times a year.

Con: Finding the right hormone dosage usually requires several adjustments. Each person absorbs the hormones from pellets at a different rate. If symptoms aren’t resolved, or side effects occur, your medical team must wait to adjust the dosage until you get the next round of pellets inserted. If your hormones aren’t stabilized with that first insertion, you will have to wait and ride the hormone roller coaster before making any adjustments.  

Fact: More Visits to the Licensed Medical Provider’s Office for the Shots

Pro: This allows you and your doctor to monitor your response to the hormones be able to change the dosage when needed quickly. You also build a relationship with your doctor as they do regular checks to ensure you are getting the right dosage and evaluating your general well-being.

Con: This means more visits to the doctor for medical advice unless you choose to have the injections sent directly to your home and inject them yourself.

Fact: Everyone Absorbs Hormones Differently

Everybody is different, and there are a variety of factors that determine how you will absorb hormones.

Pellets Pro: Pellets remain under the skin and release the hormones based on the signals they receive from the body.

Pellets Con: Pellets don’t allow hormone optimization to be easily customized to your specific needs.

Injections Pro: Injection therapy can easily be adjusted. As a result, if you need a little more of the hormone in question, you can inject more. Likewise, if you need a little less, then you can inject less of the hormone. The right dosage for your specific needs can be customized.

Injections Con: It’s a one-shot at a time deal so, you have to keep up with the shots.

Fact: You Need to Get Hormones into Your Bloodstream Consistently

Pellets: Not everyone responds well to pellets, but for those who do, pellets deliver hormones evenly and consistently to the body.

Injections: Injections are clinically proven to be effective and fast-acting, but you may experience some peaks and troughs between injections.

What About Creams and Gels?

Gels, creams, and patches are easy to apply and are convenient, and some can be found over the counter. But they are messy and can be inadvertently transferred through physical contact to other people like your spouse, significant other, or children.

Absorption rates also vary depending on the person, season, and the speed at which you sweat. Creams and gels can provide stable hormone levels, but it can take weeks for you to notice the effects.

Hormone Injections vs. Pellets: What Do You Think?

If you are leaning towards injections but don’t want to have to go in every week, we’ve got you covered. At Elite Health Online, we prefer injections over pellets.

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