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June 9, 2021

In The Gym?

Today we are going to have a little fun!

Lately I have been asked several times, “where should I start?” Or, “What should I start with?”  Both questions are in reference to losing weight, getting healthy, or building lean muscle.  Every time I get this question, I respond with, “what type of person are you, that helps me determine the right path for you.”


By asking this question, I gain an understanding of commitment vs. time management vs. will power etc.  We ALL have a different make and model which leads into every other aspect of our lives.  Including leading a healthy and fit lifestyle.

Take 5 minutes and give yourself a little test to see what type of person you are.

The 5-Minute Personality Test


Below are ten horizontal lines with four words on each line, one in each column. In each line, put

the number “4” next to the word that best describes you in that line; a “3” next to the word that

describes you next best; a “2” to the next best word, and a “1” by the word that least describes


For example: One choice for the first line of words would be as follows:

3 Likes Authority   4 Enthusiastic   2 Sensitive Feelings   1 Likes Instructions


L                                        O                             G                                      B


  1. ____ Likes Authority ____ Enthusiastic ____ Sensitive Feelings ____ Likes Instructions


  1. ____ Takes Charge ____ Takes Risks ____ Loyal ____ Accurate


  1. ____ Determined ____ Visionary ____ Calm, Even Keel ____ Consistent


  1. ____ Enterprising ____ Very Verbal ____ Enjoys Routine ____ Predictable


  1. ____ Competitive ____ Promoter ____ Dislikes Change ____ Practical


  1. ____ Problem Solver ____ Enjoys Popularity ____ Gives In To Others ____ Factual



  1. ____ Productive ____ Fun-Loving ____ Avoids Confrontations ____ Conscientious


  1. ____ Bold ____ Likes Variety ____ Sympathetic ____ Perfectionist


  1. ____ Decision Maker ____ Spontaneous ____ Nurturing ____ Detail-Oriented


  1. ____ Persistent ____ Inspirational ____ Peacemaker ____ Analytical



____ TOTAL “L” ____ TOTAL “O” ____ TOTAL “G” ____ TOTAL “B”


Total up the numbers for each vertical column (L, O, G, B).


Your Results

Each letter (L, O, G, B) stands for a particular personality type.

The column with the highest score is your dominant personality type, while the column with the second highest number is your sub-dominant type.

The four personality types can be likened to animals to make them easier to understand and remember. Below are complete descriptions of each one.

L = Lions

Lions are leaders. They are usually the bosses at work.  They are decisive, bottom line folks who are observers, not watchers or listeners. Lions love to solve problems. They are usually individualists who love to seek new adventures and opportunities. Lions are very confident and self-reliant. In a group setting, if no one else instantly takes charge, the Lion will. Unfortunately, if they don’t learn how to tone down their aggressiveness, their natural dominating traits can cause problems with others.

Natural Strengths Natural Weaknesses

  • Decisive • Impatient
  • Goal-oriented • Blunt
  • Achievement driven • Poor listener
  • Gets results • Impulsive
  • Independent • Demanding
  • Risk-taker •
  • Takes charge • Can be insensitive to the feelings of others
  • Takes initiative • May “run over” others who are slower to act or speak
  • Self-starter • Fears inactivity, relaxation
  • Persistent • Quickly bored by routine or mechanics
  • Efficient
  • Competitive
  • Enjoys challenges, variety and change
  • Driven to complete projects quickly and effectively.


Basic Disposition: Fast-paced, task oriented

Motivated by: Results; challenge, action, power, and credit for achievement

Time Management:  They get a lot more done.  Hate wasting time; and like to get right to the point.

Communication Style: Great at initiating communication; not good at listening (one way communicator)

Decision Making: Impulsive; makes quick decisions with goal or end result in mind. Results-focused.

Needs very few facts to make a decision.

In Pressure or Tense Situations: The lion takes command and becomes autocratic.

Greatest Needs: The lion needs to see results, experience variety, and face new challenges. He

needs to solve problems and wants direct answers.

What the Lion Desires: Freedom, authority, variety, difficult assignments, opportunity for advancement.

O = Otters

Otters are excitable, fun seeking, cheerleader types who love to talk! They’re great at motivating others and need to be in an environment where they can talk and have a vote on major decisions. The otters’ outgoing nature makes them great networkers—they usually know a lot of people who know a lot of people.

Otters have a strong desire to be liked and enjoy being the center of attention. They are often very attentive to style, clothes, and flash. Otters are the life of any party; and most people really enjoy being around them.

Natural Strengths Natural Weaknesses

  • Enthusiastic • Unrealistic
  • Optimistic • Not detail-oriented
  • Good Communicator • Disorganized
  • Emotional and Passionate • Impulsive
  • Motivational and Inspirational • Listens to feelings above logic
  • Outgoing • Reactive
  • Personal • Can be too talkative
  • Dramatic • Excitable
  • Fun-loving

Basic Disposition: Fast-paced. People-oriented.

Motivated by: Recognition and approval of others

Time Management: Otters focus on the future and have a tendency to rush to the next exciting thing.


Communication Style: Enthusiastic and stimulating, often one-way;

Decision Making: Intuitive and fast. Makes lots of “right calls” and lots of wrong ones.

In Pressure or Tense Situations: The otter ATTACKS.

Greatest Needs: The otter needs social activities and recognition; activities that are fun, and

freedom from details.

What the Otter Desires: Prestige, friendly relationships, opportunity to help and motivate others, and

opportunities to verbally share their ideas.

 G = Golden Retrievers

One word describes these people: LOYAL. Golden Retrievers are so loyal they can absorb the most emotional pain and punishment in a relationship and still stay committed. Being great listeners, incredibly empathetic and warm encouragers are strengths.

Natural Strengths Natural Weaknesses

  • Patient • Indecisive
  • Easy-going • Over-accommodating
  • Team player • May sacrifice results for the sake of harmony
  • Stable • Slow to initiate
  • Empathetic
  • Compassionate • Tends to hold grudges and remember hurts
  • Sensitive to feelings of others inflicted by others
  • Tremendously loyal • Fears change
  • Puts people above projects
  • Dependable
  • Reliable
  • Supportive
  • Agreeable

Basic Disposition: Slow-paced, people-oriented

Motivated by: Desire for good relationships and appreciation of others.

Time Management: Golden Retrievers focus on the present and devote lots of time to helping others

and building relationships.

Communication Style: Two-way communicator; great listener and provides empathetic response.

Decision Making: Makes decisions more slowly, wants input from others, and often yields to the input

In Pressure or Tense Situations: The Golden Retriever gives in to the opinions, ideas, and wishes of others. Often

too tolerant.

Greatest Needs: The Golden Retriever needs security; gradual change and time to adjust to it; an

environment free of conflict.

Desires: Quality relationships; security; consistent known environment; a relaxed and

friendly environment; freedom to work at own pace.

 B = Beavers

Beavers have a strong need to do things right and by the book.  Their strong need for maintaining high (and oftentimes unrealistic) standards can short-circuit their ability to express warmth in a relationship.

Natural Strengths Natural Weaknesses

  • Accurate • Too hard on self
  • Analytical • Too critical of others
  • Detail-oriented • Perfectionist
  • Thoroughness • Overly cautious
  • Industrious • Won’t make decisions without “all” the facts
  • Orderly • Too picky
  • Methodical and exhaustive • Overly sensitive
  • High standards
  • Intuitive
  • Controlled


Basic Disposition: Slow-paced, task-oriented

Motivated by: The desire to be right and maintain quality.

Time Management: Beavers tend to work slowly to make sure they are accurate.

Communication Style: Beavers are good listeners, communicate details, and are usually diplomatic.

Decision Making: Avoids making decisions;

In Pressure or Tense Situations: The beaver tries to avoid pressure or tense situations. They can ignore deadlines.

Greatest Needs: The beaver needs security, gradual change and time to adjust to it.

What the Beaver Desires: Clearly defined tasks, stability, security, low risk, and tasks that require precision

and planning.

Your Health Personality Explained…


If you are naturally an Otter, your ways of staying fit need to be fun, adventurous, people centered and EASY to follow.  Otters won’t typically show up for a day at the gym if their workout buddy cancels.  Less likely to follow a disciplined meal plan, adding Elite Thermogenic to the mix is key for Otters.

Golden Retrievers

Goldens are perfect for a whole-30 diet plan with a few essential peptides and Aminos added to the mix.   This is why a peptide like Sermoreline (which contains super powers) is PERFECT.  This simple combination of products along with an easy meal plan will have Goldens feeling Golden in No time!


The name says it all, they come with an already existing strength that makes it easy to reach their goals.  A lion is more prone to taking everything Elite has to offer in an effort to get the best results possible.  Perfection is high up on the lion’s order of importance and it always shows in the gym.    Thriving on discipline, a low-calorie strict diet is perfect for the lions out there.

If a lion tested low in testosterone, they would be the first to go for it knowing results are right around the corner.



Don’t make a Beaver think too much, they will overthink every little detail and end up deciding to throw in the towel.  Beavers tend to analyze everything, including their daily progress.

Beavers will show up early, do the perfect workout, go home and make the perfect meal and go to bed early getting 8 hours of rest.  They are scheduled human beings and they thrive on one.  Give a Beaver a check list to follow and they consider it an honor to complete it.  Beavers love having a trainer for accountability.  The perfect starter plan for them would be any weight loss stack we offer.  Naltrexone, Hormone Therapy and CJC-1295 would be a perfect fit.  Easy to follow, easy to keep on track and GREAT results.

Tip of the Day

I hope you learned a thing or two today.  Understanding who we are in all aspects of life can only make us better and stronger!  Cheers to Better!!!!


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