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May 24, 2022

Summer is just around the corner! It’s not too late to start a diet plan to start seeing real results before you hit the beach. There are so many diet plans out there that promise quick weight loss. However, finding the best plan for you can help achieve real results. Not every diet out there works the same for everyone. So, let’s find out more about how these 3 diets work and are a good option for you.  

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The Famous Keto Diet  

The human body is a complicated machine, with many different systems working together to keep us healthy and happy. One important part of this puzzle? The brain! It has dedicated its energy source called glucose which it uses for powering everything from memory acquisition all way up until consciousness. So, what if something goes wrong with access to those carbs we need so badly?! That’s where ketones come into play.  You force yourself into an alternate fuel channel when you limit your carbohydrate intake to less than 10%.  

The Keto Diet works by putting your body into a state of ketosis. That is where it becomes incredibly efficient at burning fat for energy. When your body is in ketosis, it’s using a completely different metabolic pathway to produce the majority of its energy. It’s a process that happens relatively quickly, and usually within a matter of days. 

The Science Behind the Keto Diet  

If you’re overweight or have type 2 diabetes, going keto might be a healthier option for your body.  According to a 2017 study published in Diabetes & Metabolic Syndrome, people who follow the Keto diet have less glucose intolerance.  Ketosis is often seen as an attractive diet for weight loss, but it might not be the best option for everyone.  

The Pros of Keto  

Keto can help you get lean while retaining muscle because the body is eating more healthy fats than carbs.  People who follow this diet often report that they don’t have as many cravings for junk food. Adding some fruit & vegetables to every meal can help you get all the daily nutrients you need. Even if it’s a delicious salad, you will be able to enjoy all of your meals without sacrificing great tasting foods!  

The Cons of Keto  

The calories in fat are more than double those from protein or carbs.  So, if you’re trying to slim down it’s important not only that your diet contains the right amount, but the different types as well.  Fiber helps support a healthy digestive function. So, the downside of Keto can include constipation and bloating. This becomes a problem because of the large intake of red meat, which includes amino acids that are beneficial to gut bacteria.  

Is Keto the Right Choice for You?  

Keto might be an effective and safe option for dieting when you want to lose fat without decreasing lean mass.  Most athletes, particularly endurance athletes, do not gain the full benefits of keto in terms of body composition. As a result, this diet plan might have a negative impact on their performance.  

The Big Bad Carnivore Diet  

What’s the Carnivore Diet? Well, you only eat foods that come from animals. For some, it may be considered Kosher to include eggs and dairy.  However, if you are strictly following a low carb diet, then these Carb Free Animal Parts can make up your entire meal! That consists of muscle meats such as steak or bacon! Here are some examples:  

  • Fats like lard  
  • Offal such as liver or kidneys  
  • Bone marrow  
  • Animal-based collagen supplements  
  • Gelatin from bone broth or grass-fed cows  
  • Fish oil, krill oil, or cod liver oil (for omega-3 fatty acids) 

Is the Carnivore Diet the Right Option for You?  

The carnivore diet is an all-meat diet that includes animal flesh and organs, as well as secretions like milk, urine, and sweat. The only other food group allowed on this plan is non-starchy vegetables. This way of eating is controversial and not backed by science for the time being. There are no long-term studies evaluating the safety or effectiveness of the carnivore diet. 

Pros of the Carnivore Diet  

 Cutting out unhealthy carbs that are high in sugar can help you lose weight fast. As you lose fat and gain muscle while following the carnivore diet, your muscle mass increases. Staying physically active, and incorporating the right workouts into your schedule can help you achieve real results. It may sound like a challenging plan to follow but it is possible with the right preparation.  The carnivore diet is a doable plan you can follow, and it is also delicious and satisfying. You must get creative with your meals, and there are so many options to choose from.  

Cons of the Carnivore Diet  

You could miss out on some important nutrients if you’re not careful since fruits and vegetables are off-limits. Make sure you’re getting enough vitamins C and D, as well as potassium, fiber, and antioxidants. Adding supplements or eating animal products that contain them can help you get the right nutrients to keep you feeling great!  

The Final Verdict 

The Carnivore Diet is good for those who want to lose weight and body fat. It is also good for those who want to build muscle. 

Time to Stop Eating with Intermittent Fasting 

Intermittent fasting is an eating pattern where you cycle between periods of fasting and eating. It doesn’t specify which foods you should eat but rather when you should eat them. In this respect, it’s not a diet in the conventional sense, but more of an eating pattern. 

Is Intermittent Fasting Good for You?  

Intermittent fasting is an effective tool to reduce weight and promote metabolic health. It can help you eat fewer calories, boost weight loss and maintain muscle mass. It may also protect against type 2 diabetes and other chronic diseases. 

The Benefits of Fasting  

Intermittent fasting has many potential health benefits, including weight loss, improved brain function, and decreased inflammation. 

The Disadvantages of Fasting  

There are some risks associated with intermittent fasting, such as feeling dizzy or lightheaded, low blood sugar, and dehydration. Make sure you drink plenty of water and eat enough food to stay energized throughout the day. 

Is Intermittent Fasting the Right Diet?   

Intermittent fasting is generally safe for most people, but there are a few groups who should avoid following this plan. It is not recommended for pregnant women, children, and people with eating disorders. If you have any medical conditions or take medication, please speak to your doctor before trying intermittent fasting. 

Final Thoughts on These Three Diets  

Take the first step in deciding which diet you think will fit well with your lifestyle. You can start losing weight today, now that you have a better understanding about the Keto Diet, Carnivore Diet, and Intermittent Fasting. Weigh out which factors will benefit you and how much you can commit to following the diet plan. Then, decide which one is best for you and start your weight loss journey. 

Diet and Nutrition with Elite Health  

At Elite Health, we can explore the right diet plan options that are out there for you.  Our team of experts know how to guide you to follow the right plan in order to reach your weight loss goals. Our certified health professionals can advise you about the safest and healthiest way to start losing weight.  

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