Supporting Our Community

At Elite Health Online our mission is Improving Lives.  This is extends beyond our patients.  It include our team members and our community. Because Elite Health Online is a faith based organization that follows biblical values and principles, we believe in giving of our first fruits.

Proverbs 3:9-10 say “Honor the Lord with your wealth and the first fruits of all your produce; then your barns will be filled with plenty, and you vats will be bursting with wine.”

Each quarter our Elite Health Online team selects a different faith ministry to support and gives 1% of gross revenue directly to that ministry to “Improve Lives” and share the love of God.  Below is a list of ministries and organizations we are currently supporting.  We invite you to learn more to better understand how support of Elite Health Online supports advancing our mission of Improving Lives in our community.

December 2022 – Combined Arms


For the month of December, Elite Health Online will be supporting the foundation Combined Arms. Combined Arms brings together veteran-focused nonprofits, agencies, and communities across the nation committed to serving those who served.

These 240+best in class organizations provide 1000+ resources that empower veterans to lead the successful civilian lives they want, making our communities stronger than ever. Areas of focus include benefit registration and education, job-placement assistance, medical exams, mental health services, as well as many other outreach programs.

Nov 2022 – Christmas in Mexico


This November and December, Elite Health Online will be supporting Christmas in Mexico.  This ministry ensures that kids who would not otherwise have a gift to open this Christmas, do in fact have a gift.  Local churches in very poor areas of Mexico will be using these gifts to build relationships with families.  The ultimate goal is to help them develop a relationship with Jesus and have them involved in becoming a fully developing follower of Christ.

Lake Pointe Church and its annual mission, Christmas in Mexico is a great way of Improving Lives.  We invite you to learn more. During the months of Nov and Dec we invite patients to also give.  Each patient that purchases Elite solutions will not only be supporting by allowing us to give 1% to this ministry, we will also allow patients to donate above and beyond.  100% of any donation above and beyond your invoice amount will go directly to this ministry.

Summer 2022 – Cuurio Community


During spring and summer of 2022, Elite Health Supported Cuurio.  Cuurio leverages technology to meet people everywhere at their point of need with real answers, introduce them to the gospel, and connect them to a community of believers.  There are hurting people in this world and the often get online search for answers.  Cuurio has leveraged technology to bring them the true answer to their pain and introduce them to the love of God.  We invite you to learn more about how Cuurio is Improving Lives.

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