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Gonadorelin is a peptide alternative to either the biologic, HCG, or the previously available peptide, Kisspeptin. Gonadorelin produces the gonadotropin releasing hormone (GnRH) naturally secreted by the hypothalamus, which plays a key role in puberty and reproductive hormone function. Gonadorelin will bypass the hypothalamus and stimulate the anterior pituitary to release Luteinize Hormone (LH) and Follicular-Stimulating Hormone (FSH) directly. This ensures optimized testosterone levels at all times.

In comparison with HCG, Gonadorelin works by encouraging the patient’s body to secrete GnRH, whereas HCG mimics the actions of GnRH. As a result, Gonadotropin has an indirect but natural pathway in maintaining hormone levels. Patients may receive comparable benefits from HCG and Gonadorelin. while there are some patients for whom HCG is more effective and there are some patients for whom Gonadorelin is more effective. HCG directly stimulates more estrogen production from the testicles, whereas Gonadorelin tends to stimulate more sperm production when compared to HCG. In studies it has been comparable to HCG for increasing testicular size and keeping the communication between the brain and the testicles for production of testosterone.

It is important adjunct therapy to testosterone HRT treatment and can maximize the benefits by maintaining optimal physiological levels of testosterone and the resulting clinical outcome.


  • Regulate and normalize hormone levels
  • Prevents testicular shrinkage
  • Improved mood and sleep quality



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