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Elite Health Online co-founder Clay York joins forces with Makaylah Rivera from Texas Star Pharmacy to enlighten listeners on the important changes surrounding NMN (nicotinamide mononucleotide) availability and its benefits.

The Shift in NMN Regulation York and Rivera highlight a significant shift in the health and wellness industry: NMN, once readily available in vitamin shops, will now require a prescription. They assure listeners that Elite Health Online remains a reliable source for accessing NMN under the new regulations.

Understanding NMN’s Benefits The conversation delves into the extensive advantages of NMN, a supplement that has demonstrated promise in:

  • Countering age-related weight gain
  • Enhancing energy metabolism and physical activity
  • Improving insulin sensitivity and eye function
  • Boosting mitochondrial metabolism
  • Stabilizing age-related genetic changes

NMN as a Precursor to NAD+ For a more comprehensive understanding of NMN’s role in the body, York and Rivera recommend revisiting episode 4, which explores NAD+, a critical coenzyme in cellular health and energy production that NMN directly supports.

Continuing NMN with Elite Health Online As the healthcare landscape evolves, Elite Health Online stands ready to guide patients through these changes, ensuring that those who benefit from NMN can continue to do so with the necessary medical oversight.

Additional Insights and How to Proceed:

  • For a deeper dive into the science of NAD+, catch up on episode 4.
  • Interested in obtaining NMN through Elite Health Online? Contact us for the next steps.
  • Keep informed about the changing regulations and how they affect your access to health supplements like NMN.

York and Rivera remain at the forefront, committed to providing their patients with cutting-edge information and access to supplements that support their journey to optimal health and longevity.