Love Life Got You Down – Revive with Oxytocin!

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August 4, 2021

Is your sex life down in the dumps? With everything going on in the world, it’s not surprising. Sex isn’t just about physical stimulation. A whole lot of your libido function rests in your brain. Your brain isn’t feeling stimulated and your hormones are flowing. In other words, you ain’t got no oomph. Feeling connected and stimulated are significant parts of getting turned on. So, what do you or can you do if you can’t seem to feel that oomph? Revive your love life and libido with Oxytocin!  

No, not oxycontin. Oxytocin! 

Isn’t Oxytocin a momma and baby drug? 

Oxytocin isn’t a drug. Oxytocin is a naturally occurring nano peptide hormone that is secreted by your pituitary gland. Because it is released in large amounts during childbirth and breastfeeding.  Hence, people commonly associate this with mothers and newborns. This hormone is not only released during childbirth or breastfeeding. But also released during sexual arousal, skin-to-skin contact, and orgasms. Furthermore, Oxytocin is not only released by females, but males release Oxytocin too!

However, when there’s low libido or no sex life, Oxytocin is not released for that sexual desire. Therefore, Oxytocin can either revitalize or sabotage your love life due to its counter-productive effect.

Oxytocin plays many roles in love life and relationship. It is often called the “cuddle hormone” because it promotes : 

  • bonding 
  • desire 
  • social recognition 
  • the ability to mediate emotional experiences in close relationships  
  • healthy psychological boundaries

Oxytocin as a libido booster 

So, what does the “cuddle” hormone have to do with sex? As we mentioned earlier, sex is more than physiological effects. Sexual performance is affected by emotion and psychological behavior. Oxytocin increases sexual receptiveness, desires, and intimacy.  That warm, fuzzy, bonding, feel-good feeling. Also, Oxytocin increases the desire to be touched more and more. This further bolsters sex hormone escalation. Because of this, many experts believe that it is a crucial lubricant in the machinery of sex.   

Here’s how it works 

If you repeatedly have sex with the same partner, just seeing that person can cause your body to release more Oxytocin for increased libido, and you will want to see that person more and more.  

All hormones are dependent on other hormones. Oxytocin is no different. It depends on its interactions with sex hormones like estrogen, progesterone, testosterone, and corticosterone.  

‘Cuddle hormone’ effects are boosted by estrogen. Researchers believe that this explains some behavioral differences between men and women. For example, women tend to have a more profound desire to cuddle and require sensual touch to achieve orgasm. Moreover, studies have indicated that women in committed relationships have higher oxytocin levels in response to positive emotional responses than single women. Imagine tidal waves rather than petering waves at the shore.   

For women

No orgasms? You are not alone. Studies have shown that Oxytocin is released during orgasm. Further findings showed that the release of more Oxytocin alleviates an orgasmic reaction in the first place. If you have difficulty achieving orgasm, Female Orgasmic Disorder, or Female Arousal Disorder, Oxytocin treatment can help you to peak your sexual arousal. When a woman reaches peak sexual arousal, her brain is flooded with Oxytocin. Oxytocin causes the nerves in your vagina to fire spontaneously, which causes orgasm and a heightened experience. Women who have no orgasms can use Oxytocin to achieve orgasm quickly and even produce a second orgasm.  

For men

Why Oxytocin and not the little blue pill? 

Sexual Transmitter

Here’s the deal. Oxytocin improves sexual enjoyment and love life. Oxytocin helps transmit sexual signals to our brains. Who doesn’t want that? On one hand, Viagra affects the mechanical aspects of sex in men. In another word, Viagra improves performance. However, that alone does not make sex more enjoyable. The brain and emotional part of sexuality require enjoyment and feelings of connection. That means, that taking a little blue pill isn’t going to cut it.   

Viagra does not enhance ejaculation. What??? Nope. The mechanism by which Viagra works does not influence ejaculation or orgasm. On the other hand, Oxytocin can stimulates orgasm and ejaculation. Therefore, if you are having a hard time getting hard and climaxing, then Oxytocin is for you. If you are having a hard time getting hard and climaxing, then you could use both Viagra and Oxytocin. This is because Viagra would help you overcome erectile dysfunction, while Oxytocin would send signals to improve ejaculation. 

If you want to optimize your love life and libido, Oxytocin is the answer to revive them.   

How Oxytocin can revive your love life? 

  • By activating feelings of intimacy and closeness. 
  • Increases orgasm intensity. 
  • Decreases the time to orgasm and makes climax easier. 
  • Increases vaginal secretions. 
  • Supports pleasurable sensations. 
  • Oxytocin can make you feel feelings of well-being, warmth, trust, and contentment. 

Beyond your sex life 

Oxytocin can:

  • Relax your blood vessels and decrease your blood pressure. 
  • Decrease social anxiety and increase your ability to socialize. 
  • Reduce food cravings. 
  • Reduce stress. 
  • Improve wound healing 
  • Improve immune response.

If you think about it, many of these benefits add to healthy sex life with increased libido. Relaxed blood vessels equal more blood moving into the penis. Healthy blood pressure equals a healthy heart. And decreased social anxiety increases the probability that you are going to meet people and maintain relationships. Reduced food cravings can keep you at your optimal weight management. Reduced stress can make you more available for spontaneous interactions. Who wouldn’t want all that? 

Oxytocin deficient? 

Typically, Oxytocin deficiencies are typically diagnosed through symptoms and response to supplementation. As Oxytocin blood tests are not reliable.

Common symptoms are: 

  • Your hands and feet are always cold. 
  • Anxiety is kicking your ass. 
  • Orgasms? What orgasms?  
  • No creative or sexual mojo. 
  • Vaginal dryness is ruining…well, everything. 
  • You can’t seem to bond with or relate to your significant other. 

Get more Oxytocin in me! 

Your gastrointestinal tract will annihilate Oxytocin. As a result, don’t take pills, liquids, or edibles claiming to deliver Oxytocin. It is best administered by nasal spray, sublingual, or injections. 

If you are Oxytocin deficient, you can take it daily in low doses. If you only need to use it for social and intimate purposes, you can take it on an as-needed basis. Dosing depends on the person and the situation. You can take too much! Too much can lower cortisol levels and affect your adrenal glands.  

We’re going to get a little airy-fairy here. 

Performance and goals are crucial aspects of our lives here at Elite Health Online, but if you want a sex life that far exceeds your expectations, you’ve got to get a little mushy to reach that goal. For healthy love life, Oxytocin gives you the “mush” you need to heighten your sexual desire and sensuality. It creates the impression that the whole world is a magical romantic place. You feel things more positively and pleasantly when your Oxytocin level is optimal. It’s not like a mind-altering drug. As a result, it positively impacts your emotions and responses. 

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