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Boomer Cornwell, co-creator and executive at Elite Health Online, engages in a candid conversation with Mark Simpson, who holds the position of Chief Operating Officer at the same company.

They delve into Mark’s personal narrative, tracing his path to wellness. In his 20s, Mark was an avid gym-goer who didn’t prioritize his dietary habits. His active lifestyle shifted in his 30s; exercise fell by the wayside, and he experienced significant weight gain.

It was in his late 30s that Mark took decisive action, enlisting a personal trainer’s help and overhauling his diet, which led to a remarkable 50-pound weight loss over four months. Despite his outward health improvements, Mark still felt that something was amiss, as conventional tests did not explain his lingering health concerns.

In a turn of events in 2014, after consulting with a specialized Men’s Center, hormone replacement therapy was proposed as a course of action. Remarkably, after starting the prescribed treatment, Mark’s well-being improved almost instantaneously.