Feeling Sexy and Confident!

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March 10, 2021

Did Someone Say Sexy?

Spring is here and that means love is in the air.  Flowers bloom, bees buzz, puppies arrive, everything is green again and everyone seems to have an extra little pep in their step.  We don’t care who you are, everyone on the face of the planet loves feeling sexy for out significant other.  And there is nothing sexier for our partners than to see us feeling sexy and confident.  But, if we took a survey of all of our readers, we’d be pretty sure most of you don’t ever really FEEL sexy.  We think it’s time to fix that, not so hot feeling and turn it up a notch…or two!

The Sizzle

New Kids on the Block hit the ground running back in the 90’s with their hit song, “Right Stuff.”

“I can see it in your walk
Tell ’em when you talk
See it in everything you do
Even in your thoughts

You got the right stuff, baby!”

So much of what we feel on the inside will show on the outside, it’s actually really hard to fake sexy confidence.  With that being said, in a recent study on America’s Confidence by the New York Times, 85% of successful, smart, attractive people said they more fake their confidence than actually FEEL it.  That’s ABSURD!

SO What’s The Problem?

The problem is the idea of perfection and every one of us believing it’s possible when it’s far from possible and our imperfections are really the things that set us apart from one another.  These imperfections, “so to speak” should be embraced and loved and appreciated as that certain something that makes us different.

Here are a few examples of perceived imperfections that others have embraced…

Owen Wilson has a crooked nose that he hated while he was growing up, then he said one day it hit him to just accept his crooked nose and make it his trademark.  Years later, he’s wildly famous and beloved and could most definitely afford to fix his nose, but says he would never dream of doing that, “my nose is the best thing about me.” Owen has been voted, “Sexiest Man Alive,” by several magazines and TV talk shows.

Madonna is an icon of sexy confidence and even at the age of 62, she’s still got it.  She’s also still got that pesky little gap between her two front teeth known as Diastema.  Parents flock to the orthodontist year after year to close up the gap in their kiddos teeth, but Madonna decided early on in her life, she’d rock the gap.  And rocking the gap worked, along with several 100 hits and a fitness routine that would change the world.  Super Model, Lauren Hutton joins Madonna among the sexy gap sisters who said, “I’m keeping my gap and I’m gonna ROCK IT!”

Winnie Harlow is a fashion model from Canada who is quickly working her way to iconic status as not only a model and actress, but a girl with vitiligo. Winning 6th place on America’s Top Model in 2014 started her path to stardom and she has done nothing but rise since.  Vitiligo is a skin condition where patches of skin have no pigment and made for an extremely hard childhood.  After being bullied for years and contemplating suicide, a woman at her church said to her, “beauty is always from within, if you show the world that you love your skin, they will back down, but you have to believe it yourself.”  Clearly Winnie took this advice and ran with it, she’s absolutely stunning and carries herself with grace, dignity and confidence.

Sexy Has Nothing To Do With Looks

Look around today, take notice at what you see, who you see and how they are perceived in conversation and activities.  Who really knows what sexy is?  It’s never specifically defined other than, “attractive.”  So, what is attractive?  If you really think about it, attractiveness starts with confidence.  Nothing is more attractive than just being ok with who you are and showing that to the world around you.

Top Ten Signs of Truly Confident People (according to lifehack.org)

  1. They Display Composure

Composure opts for reason instead of emotions. Composure is emotional control, and emotion control is why confident people are usually the last to panic or the only ones not to.

Although they feel pain like anybody else, confident people approach it by taking action instead of remaining on the receiving end of awful. They imagine themselves as having been through the situation before, and provoke their best reaction by asking this simple question: How would a confident person handle this?

As a result they remain cool, calm and collected.

  1. They Are Not Easily Offended

Simply because they know their worth.

Just like calling a cat a car will never make it one, confident people know that they only are who they choose to be. Insults and remarks that do not agree with their self image they ignore, because to them, being defensive is a drain on mental resources. “Why spoil a beautiful smile?” -says every confident person.

  1. They Speak With Authority

Authority comes with knowledge and experience. And like I mentioned earlier, knowledge is one of the foundations of confidence.

It is because I know, or because I know that I don’t know, that I speak. Either way, I know.” From this premise, confident people approach every conversation free of doubt and rich with assurance. That is why their voice shows firmness from the very first seconds of any conversation, which research has shown to be the most critical for perceiving authority.


  1. They Celebrate Others

Because they know their place in life, they are not frightened by the light in others. Rather, they nurture it, lift others up and encourage them to stay there. From a confident person’s vantage point, a confident speech comes after a confident sound engineer did his job, to which he was driven by a confident bus driver, who was encouraged by a confident husband. Everyone wins when we all do well.

  1. They Are Decisive

One of the biggest fuels of procrastination and therefore failure, is indecision. For example, when questions like “When should I start?” and “When should I approach?” linger for long, they often translate to never.

So to avoid never, confident people choose to choose, thereby setting in motion the happy cycle of decisiveness.

How does it work? Choices either produce victories which make you more confident, or lessons which increase your knowledge and therefore confidence. Because your confidence is built, choosing becomes easier and you become even more decisive. Thus, the happy cycle of decisiveness.

  1. They Focus On Their Strengths

A sure way to beat confidence out of you is to focus on everything that makes you small, rather than everything that elevates you. Unfortunately, that is something our minds tend to naturally do. One of the ways confident people overcome this is by having a list of their strengths, which they happily remind themselves every time they start to feel down.

  1. They Take Initiatives

…but you might be thinking this the other way round, so let’s make it clear. Initiatives do not always come from confidence, but the act of taking initiatives builds confidence. By taking initiatives you discover what your limits are and how you can push them, which ultimately puts you in control of the most powerful tool in existence: Yourself. Is it a coincidence that confident leaders are very self aware? No.

  1. They Maintain An Open Body Posture

A closed posture says “I’m not sure of your intentions, please do not come”, while and open posture says “I believe you cannot harm me, so come, I welcome you.” That is why people tend to give up their defenses in the presence of confident people. They make others feel at ease.

Although the list of what constitutes good posture has been discussed ad nauseam, like good manners, a little refresher is always welcome. Here are 5 tricks to make your posture more inviting:

  • Lean into conversations, not back.
  • Show your palms from time to time when talking to a crowd.
  • Maintain eye contact with the people you talk to.
  • Avoid crossing your arms during meetings. Instead, keep them apart.
  • When you smile, go all the way. Engage those eyes and forehead. Be genuine.
  1. They Are Loving & Humble

Love requires accepting people for who they are since values are always relative anyway. Confident people have grown to love and accept themselves so much, that the practice of it has made them perfect. Hence they tend to open arms, welcome others and smile with and without reason. With them, it is always your day, rarely ever their day. They stay humble.

  1. They Never Stop Learning

Let me say it one more time. Knowledge fuels confidence and ignorance fuels doubt. To nurture the confidence which they have worked so hard at building, they keep learning. But learning has other advantages for confident people: It helps them understand others better, understand themselves better and understand life better. Coincidentally, the more they learn, the less they judge others.

C Is For Sexy…

Here at Elite Health Online, we think being healthy is sexy and the more you take care of yourself, the sexier you’ll feel.  Vitamin C is always a must for taking good care of your mind, body, heart and sexy confidence.  The benefits of C are endless, but here are a few…

  • Collagen Producer
  • Hormone Booster
  • Enhances Brain Function
  • Strengthens Immunity
  • Eye Protection
  • Helps Prevent Chronic Disease


D is For Desirable

Among the big wigs of vitamins around here, we also love Vitamin D.  Vitamin D is the number one vitamin deficiency found in people over the age of 30.  Our bodies stop producing this little nugget of youth and it becomes our responsibility to help keep it coming.  Our Vitamin D supplement at Elite Health Online is made up of the best ingredients for maximum absorption without any extra fillers.  Coupled with Vitamin K, your body will thank you in ways you didn’t know it could once D starts making it’s way magically through your system daily.

Beyond Our Products

We’ve learned a lot today along the lines of feeling sexy and confident in our own skin.  We always say to start any new task with baby steps, or one step at a time.  The way you carry yourself shouts how you’re feeling to the universe around you, so today, start by holding your head up high.  Straighten that back of yours and line up your spine with your neck and that cute face and show the world who’s boss.  With humility, of course!

Tip of The Day

We LOVE compliments around here!  Who doesn’t? The more we compliment others, the better we feel about ourselves. Crazy how that works!  Use the nest 21 days to create a habit of complimenting.  We’re not talking about fake fluff, we mean really dig deep and find something true and great about someone and let them know.  You’ll be everyone’s favorite person around the office in no time and THAT will boost your confidence and take YOU to the next level in life.  Cheers to lifting others up!!

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