Frequently Asked Questions

Where is Elite Health Online available?

Elite Health Online uses telehealth and can ship medications to valid non-PO Box addresses nationwide. We also use Lab Corp for convenient blood draws.

How does the telehealth consultation work?

You’ll book a time slot with an Elite Health Online provider. During your time slot, our provider will call you on the phone number you provided.  Once the telehealth visit is completed, our Patient Care Coordinator will provider all the details around shipping, administration and payments.

What happens at my telehealth consultation?

During your telehealth visit, you’ll discuss your health, fitness goals, medical history, and current symptoms. Your provider will assess your medical condition and approve and prescribe all treatments that are appropriate for you. Your treatments will then be sent to you with expedited shipping.

(Please note, you must complete blood work at Lab Corp at least 72 hours prior to your telehealth consultation before being approved for treatment. Lab work is required every 6 months before prescription refills.

How long will my telehealth consultation last?

20 min in most situations.

How much does my telehealth consultation cost?

Telehealth consultations are free

What do I pay if my provider determines I am not a candidate for treatment?

Our providers treat symptoms, shoot for optimum performance and utilize lab work to monitor your response/reaction to therapy.  If for some reason, you are not a candidate for therapy there is no cost to you.  If you are a candidate and undergo therapy cost are specific to your treatment plan.

I have questions about how to take my medication?

a. Call the Pharmacy number located on the prescription your received. This number will get you directly connected to the specific pharmacy that filled your prescription.

b. Schedule a Medication Consultation with our Hormone Specialist. This 15 min appointment will cover every aspect of your therapy.  Please visit our online store to schedule a call.

My provider mentioned additional therapies that I would now like to purchase.

Please visit our online store where you can shop all our amazing therapies. Place your order and your provider will review and prescribe if appropriate.

What day do I take my Anastrozole/Estrogen Blocker?

It is best to take 1—2 days after your injection, however, it is also ok to take on the same day as your injection if this is more convenient.

I would like to check my hormone levels now that I have been on therapy for a few weeks. How do I request a lab order?

Follow-up 4 week lab orders are available on our online store.

I ordered 6 months of testosterone, when will I receive my second shipment?

a. 3 months from the original shipment.

b. For exact date, contact the pharmacy number on the prescription bottle.

Do I need to be fasting for labs?


May I use my own labs/labs from another office/visit?

Yes, as long as labs are sent to us 3 day prior to your visit, are less than 3 months old and contain all of the required test. For a list of required labs email

May I make monthly payments for my medication?

a. No

b. We offer 6 month and 3-month options for hormones/stacks. Ancillary products like ED, Wellness Injections and peptides are generally 30 or 60 day supplies and may be refilled using the online/refill store.

Billing & Insurance

How much do Elite Health treatments cost?

Elite Stack are priced for 3 months or 6 months. Hormones, Weight Loss, Peptides, ED and Wellness medications are sold as packages. Fees include provider consultation, ongoing medication management, shipping, supplies and interface fees.

Is Elite Wellness and Anti-Aging Online covered by insurance?

No.  Insurance is for sick care.  Our treatments are designed to prevent disease and provide optimal health to keep you out of the healthcare system.  We accept no form of insurance, nor do we do insurance prior authorizations.

Does Elite Health Online accept HSA/FSA?

Yes, we accept HSA/FSA funds and all major credit cards.

Does Elite Health Online take Medicare/Medicaid?

No, Elite practices do not accept Medicare or Medicaid, Tricare, or any other governmental payor programs.


When will I receive my first treatment?

Once your treatment plan has been approved, your first treatment will be shipped or delivered via courier, UPS Express or FedEx. Our goal for delivery is 72 business hours. However, depending on your state of residence, this time may vary. Please be aware that couriers may experience occasional shipping delays due to holidays, weekends, and weather. If you have any questions about your delivery, please contact us at

What comes in the box?

The box will include your medication, treatment information, and any other necessary items for administering treatment, such as syringes and alcohol wipes, if applicable.

Safety & Privacy

Is my medical information safe and protected?

Yes, Elite Health Online is HIPAA compliant and will ensure that your personal health information stays secure by employing modern security best practices and standards.

Contact Us

How to get in touch?

For shipping, website access, and customer service questions, please contact us at You can also click on the Got A Question button at the top of the page to ask your question.

I realized I can’t make my telehealth consultation time slot. Can I reschedule?

Yes! If your plans change, please let us know at least 24 hours in advance by emailing We will be happy to help you find a better time.

  • Cancelations must occur within 24 hours of scheduled consultation. Less than 24 hours notice will result in a $50.00 rescheduling fee.
  • No shows will be charge $99.
  • Lab Fees are only refunded if labs have not been collected. Once you go to LabCorp for collection, no refund of fees will be issued.

Where do my prescriptions come from?

The prescription for your treatment will be fulfilled by a third-party, licensed U.S.-based pharmacy. The specific pharmacy will depend on the medication being filled and/pr state you are located.

Please note we will not ship to P.O. boxes.

What happens if I want to cancel treatment?

You are free to discontinue treatment at any time. However, our medical team advises against abruptly stopping treatment as it may lead to undesirable side-effects. Please reach out to our Patient Experience team at to schedule a follow-up appointment and discuss further options.

Who do I contact if I am having a reaction to my medication?

Depending on the nature of your reaction, it may be best to call 911, visit your nearest urgent care or contact the pharmacy.  You can speak to a pharmacist by contacting the pharmacy number located on your prescription.

I have questions regarding how to administer my medication/injection?

Instructions are provided with your medications. Here are a few videos to help guide you through the process. If you need further support, contact your pharmacist at the number located on your prescription.

I feel I need to adjust my dose or strength of my medication.

If your 6-month appointment is coming up in a few days/weeks, it may be best to wait for your scheduled appointment, however, if you need to speak to a provider prior to your 6-month visit, please email us at to book a follow-up appointment.

Why can’t I use my insurance for lab work?

Most patients today have high deductible plans and co-pays.  Additionally, most of our patients are healthy and often won’t meet their deductible, therefore, your out of pocket cost can exceed $350 for required 6-month lab panels.  We have negotiated competitive price on your behalf, offering you peace of mind by fully understanding your cost in advance of lab work.

My doctor recommended donating blood every 8-12 weeks. Why?

Testosterone therapy causes an increase in the production of red blood cells.  This is measured by testing your hematocrit levels.  High hematocrit levels are easily managed by regular blood donations at your local blood bank.  Proactive management of your hematocrit will prevent interruption in your therapy. You do not need a doctor’s orders to donate blood at any local blood bank or Red Cross facility.

I need to request a refill for my prescription/prescription.

All hormone stacks are 6 month prescriptions. Peptides, sexual performance meds, wellness meds, and thermogenics can be refilled during the 6-month by visiting our online refill store.

May I take my prescriptions to another pharmacy?

Elite Health Online is a membership model-based healthcare provider.  Our prices are all-inclusive and include provider consultation, medication management, medication, shipping, and supplies.  Prices include most components of consultation, treatment, management, processing, admin and shipping.

How often is lab work required?

Every 6 months, unless your provider determines additional lab work is needed.

How long will it take to receive my medications after my online consultation?

48-72 hours, depending on your location.  Please allow an additional 24 hours for areas outside the Dallas / Fort Worth area.

How do I request a copy of my medical records?

You can request a copy of your medical records by emailing

How do I review my labs?

Lab Corp is our lab provider.  Visit to access your lab results via their patient portal.

I did not receive my medications. Whom do I contact?

Please email us at if you have not received your prescriptions.

How long will my appointment last?

About 20 minutes, however, it mostly depends on your experience and knowledge of HRT and current health status.

What if I want to speak with my provider between visits?

Please email us at for a follow-up consultation.

I need a refund for my appointment that I did not attend.

If you would like to cancel your appointment and receive a refund, please send us a request to

I need to reschedule my provider consultation.

Please click here and rebook your appointment for a time that works for you. Additionally, email us at,

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