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In this transformative episode of the “Elite Health and Wellness Show,” Clay York, CEO of, welcomes renowned national speaker Dean Rossen for a deep dive into the principles that promise to reshape your life’s wellness paradigm.

– The discussion opens with a critical examination of sugar, its ubiquity, and its profound negative impacts on health. Listen as they peel back the layers on how sugar fuels cancer growth and contributes to inflammation and chronic diseases.

– The episode moves into the realm of nutritional science, offering valuable insights into how food choices affect our physical state. Dean outlines the four primary food groups that may be detrimental to health and why considering eliminating them could lead to a better lifestyle.

– With a spotlight on the oft-overlooked necessity of weight resistance exercises, Dean discusses the significance of muscle maintenance, especially after hitting the milestone age of 30. He challenges the conventional wisdom on cardiovascular exercises, instigating a thought-provoking conversation on the interplay between exercise and hormones.

– A critical conversation ensues on the traditional approaches of medicine and the pharmaceutical industry’s financial motivations. This segment is an eye-opener for those reliant on medications and those seeking alternatives.

– Clay and Dean delve into the mission of Elite Health Online, emphasizing the importance of preventive medicine and proactive health measures. They inspire listeners to adopt a preventive approach to health, ensuring long-term wellness.

This episode is a rallying call to those ready to take control of their health and wellbeing. Clay and Dean guide you through a compelling journey, empowering you with the knowledge and tools necessary to embark on a transformative health odyssey. Tune in to unlock the secrets to not just living but thriving.