ARA290 Peptide for Neuropathy

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September 6, 2021

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Let’s face it. Neuropathy sucks! Need we say more? Let’s not waste time spinning on the problem. Instead, let’s get to solutions fast! You shouldn’t have to suffer the symptoms of neuropathy, especially the pain symptoms, for one more minute! If what your doctor has been prescribing hasn’t worked or if your doctor has just given up, we’ve got good news for you. ARA290 is in the middle of Phase II clinical trials for diabetic neuropathy, neuropathic pain, sarcoidosis, and rheumatoid arthritis! It’s early yet, but so far, ARA290 has exceeded expectations in safety and effectiveness. There, ARA290 is the peptide for your neuropathy!

ARA290 Peptide for Neuropathy

When you look up ARA-290 online, you’ll only find technical definitions.  No one has managed to condense these technical terms into a single, easy-to-understand definition. Even if you sum up the technical definition it looks something like this:

ARA-290 is an erythropoietin variation that has been found to be able to reduce inflammatory pathways via paracrine signaling and innate repair receptors.

Got that? We didn’t think so. That’s probably why you are here. You’ve heard about this mysterious supplement that is supposed to be doing wonders for treating neuropathic pain, and you can’t find anything but hardcore studies. That’s why we’re here— we’re going to break down ARA-290 for you in words that most of us understand and answer the most common questions we receive from our Elite Warriors about ARA290 Peptide for Neuropathy.

Let’s get started!

So what is ARA290 Peptide for Neuropathy

ARA-290 is a variant of erythropoietin. Let’s stop there. What is erythropoietin? We’ll keep it simple. Erythropoietin (EPO) is a naturally produced hormone that stimulates red blood cell production. It is primarily produced in the kidneys but is also found in the spleen, liver, bone marrow, lung, and brain.

EPO has been shown to decrease inflammatory pathways... Okay. If you’ve got neuropathy, then you are probably familiar with this terminology. Still, just in case…when something goes wrong in your body, or you have an inflammatory response, you feel pain, heat, redness, swelling, and can experience loss of function. You definitely want those to decrease!

…through paracrine signaling and the innate repair receptors (Don’t worry, we’re almost there.) Paracrine signaling is basically like a phone system that cells use to communicate. Innate repair receptors are basically like baseball mitts that catch EPO and CD-131. These simultaneously activate anti-inflammatory and tissue repair pathways, which means your pain decreases and your tissue heals.

Benefits of ARA290

Research has shown that ARA-290 helps modulate neuropathic pain, reduce HbA1c, improve cholesterol, and stimulate wound repair. ARA 290 has also been shown to improve symptoms of SFN and the quality of life of those who suffer from it.

How safe is ARA290

Yes, ARA-290 is still an experimental peptide, but so far, there is no evidence demonstrating unwanted side effects or toxicity.

A 2012 study published in Molecular Medicine concluded that

“the acceptable safety profile noted for ARA 290 in this patient group with sarcoidosis, as well as an apparent reduction of symptoms of SFN, encourages a larger study of the potential effects of ARA 290 for this unmet medical need.”

The FDA has not yet approved ARA-90 but they do recognize it as an orphan drug for the treatment of sarcoidosis-induced neuropathic pain.

A 2014 review of two separate Phase II clinical studies showed that ARA 290 treatment consistently improved neuropathic pain symptoms in sarcoidosis patients.

How does ARA290 work? ARA-290 was developed after Ariam Pharmaceuticals’ discovered the Innate Repair Receptor (IRR). EPO binds to the IRR and activates several anti-inflammatory pathways, but if you don’t have enough EPO to activate the IRR, then, well, your up Schitt’s Creek. Researchers haven’t found a way to use human EPO to successfully treat inflammation or other forms of neuropathic pain, so they created a peptide that would target the IRR. ARA 290 activates the β-common-receptor. The β-common-receptor and the EPO receptor form an innate repair receptor. The local anti-inflammatory response is then triggered, reduces the pain, and promotes tissue repair. ARA-290 provides the therapeutic effects of EPO without the over-production of red blood cells or other unwanted side effects.

How it works

According to research, ARA-290 is very helpful for neuropathic pain. It can help decrease symptoms like hypersensitivity to pain for no apparent reason.

According to the trials, ARA290 can be used for 30 days. Pain can become near non-existent within 6 months due to the decreased reactivity of nerve cells.

The ARA290 peptide dosage

This is where your personal situation comes in. You and your provider may need to take some time experimenting to figure out what works best for you. 0.33 mL daily subcutaneous injection of a 4 mg/mL ARA-290 solution (i.e. 1.32 mg per day) for a total of 30 days is recommended.

Some people suffering from more severe levels of pain take as much as 4 mg per day.

What happens after 30 days? The expectation is that you will experience lowered inflammation and reduced pain within six months. Benefits should start kicking in around 2-3 weeks into your daily injection protocol.

Get the ARA-290 Peptide for Your Neuropathy Now

If you want to use ARA290 peptides for neuropathy, you’ll need to do your due diligence. ARA-290 is a new and much lesser-known compound than many others, so it isn’t easy to find. There are few vendors in existence who even know about ARA-290, so it’s extremely difficult to find. Exercise extreme caution when choosing who to purchase this peptide from, unless, of course, you choose us. We’ve done your due diligence for you by thoroughly vetting and selecting the best quality product that you can buy.

We make it easy to kick neuropathy’s butt

  1. Book a Peptide consult with us!
  2. Only requires one lab
  3. Have a 20-minute phone consultation
  4. Medication is delivered to your door within 48-72 hours
  5. Refills are available on the online store for the following 12 months



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2012 study

An orphan drug

2014 review

Innate Repair Receptor (IRR)

Activates several anti-inflammatory pathways

Other unwanted side effects


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