March 3, 2021

All In With Sermorelin!

We rarely do this at Elite Health Online, but in this particular situation, it was a must. There is nothing better than a personal testimony regarding one of our incredible products. We encourage you to grab your favorite healthy beverage, sit back and take this woman’s testimony all in. It just might change your life!

Allow Us To Introduce You…

Meet Carla!  Carla is 48, married with 2 kids, 1 dog and a horse named Roy. This story really isn’t about any of them… Why? Because Everybody Loves Carla!  We love Carla so much we are handing the keyboard over to her. Enjoy her story…


A Day in the Life of Me

I’ve always been an energetic, joyful and all-around happy person, so when my life started to change, and then I started to change, people noticed. I think the first thing that caught my attention was a certain remark several strangers said to me.  The first time I heard it, it didn’t really bother me, but as they became more and more frequent, I was irritated. “Try to smile,” they said.  “You should smile more,” they said. “Where’s your smile,” they asked. “What is going on?” I said!

What’s Wrong With You People?

I began asking myself that question over and over again, because it certainly couldn’t be a ME problem, it was a THEY problem.  Well, we all know the drill, “when you’re pointing your finger at someone else, 3 are pointing back at you.”  UGH!  This was my harsh reality.  What happened?  When did everything change?  Why did everything change?

Nothing EVER Stays the Same!

I grew up in a happy, loving home with a really great set of parents.  I was always considered a daddy’s girl, but my mom took care of me quietly on the sidelines.  Both were my biggest fans and when you’re 16, you really don’t think that completely loved feeling will ever change.

I was confident, but with some serious insecurities that I never showed the outside world.  Somehow, while I was under the protection of my parents, my insecurities didn’t affect me too badly.  They were as familiar as the freckles on my nose, I hated them, but I learned to live with them.  I graduated from high school and went onto college onto college with a couple of small scholarships to help lighten the load ( I think they ended up paying for all of my parking tickets).  But hey, nonetheless, I was a college girl with new dreams, new aspirations, new hair and new confidence.

Hey Ya’ll, I’m From Texas

Those 5 little words never caused me any trouble in the past, but welcome to my future.  I hadn’t been there 10 minutes when as I was carrying loads from my car to my new(ish) dorm room when I ran into 2 very pretty, seemingly perfect girls that were on my floor.  You know the type, great hair, makeup perfectly placed and clothes you only saw in catalogues from stores you’d never been to.  To age me a few decades, these were The Pink Ladies on Campus.

I Too Can Be A Pink Lady

The time had come for me to say hi and make them love me forever, “Hi ya’ll, I’m Carla, what are your names?”  This was followed by the girls walking away in a bout of laughter as they asked, “where are you from? The sticks?”  It was pretty clear at that point… I was NOT going to be asked to join The “Pink Ladies!”  Whatevs!  I liked being friends with guys way more anyway.  This is where my story starts to come full circle.

Here Comes The Bride

I started dating my husband, Jake when I was a sophomore in college.  He went to a different University, so it was a long distance relationship.  With that being said, we made plenty of time for each other and quickly became a part of each other’s world.  Jake would come visit and my friends adored him, that is one of the things that attracted me to him.  He was goofy and kind-hearted, but confident in who he was and what he wanted to accomplish in life. I became one of the guys when I would visit him and I loved it.  The girls were sweet too, most of them,  but I was always a giddy girl when I was driving down highway 6 towards my man and his brothers from other mothers.    I was hooked, so when he popped the question right after graduation, I said YES!

Years Go By…Yadda Yadda Yadda

My husband has a love for beauty.  He worked in the design world for years and would always point out a piece in a hotel or in a random building that he found breathtaking.  That’s cool, right?  The problem is…pieces in a hotel or museum aren’t the only things in this world with beauty. For instance, certain landscapes are beautiful, houses can be beautiful, sunsets can be beautiful, and women can be beautiful.  Let’s hold it right there for a minute while I focus on the “women being beautiful,” part.

We Bought A Boat

Jake grew up on the water and loved to ski, slolam (is that even around anymore), wakeboard and hangout on the boat as much as possible.  We were blessed with lots of friends that would meet us out on the lake almost every weekend for about a year or two.  Jake was always the funny guy with all the little one-liners. As a result, he acquired the nick name, “Lippy” and it stuck.

Till this day, he still has a hat with Lippy on it.  He was also very complimentary to others, especially women. While I’m far from the jealous type, over time, I noticed myself playing the comparison game with every woman I ever heard him compliment.  He always meant well and never meant for these things to internally cause me turmoil, as it turns out, I played the comparison game for way too long.  As a result, I lost all confidence in who I was and who I was meant to be.


2 Kids, 1 Dog and A Divorce Later

I promise I’m getting to the point, track with me just a few minutes longer and this will all make sense.  Remember that young girl with the wonderful parents that always made her feel completely loved, no matter what?  Turns out, people can fall out of love without anyone noticing and you wake up one day to divorced parents after 46 years of marriage.  I don’t care if you’re 4, 14 or 44, when the rock that you were built on falls apart, unfortunately, you do too.

I lost faith in their love for me and eventually lost faith in the idea that anyone could or would love me forever and unconditionally. This lead to a few very dark years full of seeking all things fleeting.  I tried to fill myself up with work, friends, affirmations from others, working out, you name it, if it could pre-occupy my mind and keep me from feeling lost, I was trying it.  I felt depressed and started gaining weight even though I was working out and eating pretty healthy.  This is called what class?

Along Came Menopause

As if things couldn’t get worse in my sad little mind, my hormones decided to really turn things up a bit.  Kind of like that person at every party that goes over to the music and cranks it up and yells, “let’s get this party started!”  My estrogen was that person while my testosterone went home early and progesterone left town years ago, but no one told she was even moving.

I wasn’t working at this point, and my oldest child was off to college while my youngest was in the smack middle of puberty, needless to say, I was way lost at this point.  Please don’t get me wrong, no one in my life knew the way I was feeling, I hid it well, so well that my immediate family never even knew I was privately losing it.  My confidence (what little I had) was GONE, my sex drive was GONE, my spark was GONE, my body was GONE, my brain was GONE, my energy was GONE, Carla was GONE!


Can We Talk?

Thank goodness for those few good friends that recognize when we are GONE and care enough to try to bring us back.  I knew my friend was really focused on coasting through menopause and researched so much she could teach her own, Menopause 101 class.  She looked great, felt great, her hair was the longest it had ever been and her skin was glowing.  After contemplating pushing her off a bridge, I decided it was a better idea to be real with her and ask for some help.  She said one word, and this one word has changed my life forever…

Sermorelin?  Yes, Please!

She told me she was taking nightly injections of a peptide known as Sermorelin.  At first, I was like, “Ummm, a shot every night? Yea, no!” Then she told me how little the shot actually was and that she barely felt it.  She went on to give me this long list of the things Sermorelin does for people that take it.

Sermorelin is considered an anti-aging supplement that can assist the body in repairing damaged cells and weakened systems caused by insufficient growth hormones. Following a few months of injections of Sermorelin, people start noticing the following improvements in:

  • Sleep patterns
  • Libido
  • Strength/energy/stamina
  • Immune system functioning
  • Bone health
  • Skin and nail health (tighter skin, thicker nails)
  • Growth of lean muscle mass/reduction of fat
  • Sense of well-being


From a Giggle to A Scream

It made me giggle a little because it sounded like the fountain of youth in a shot and way too good to be true.  I wanted to be skeptical and tell her, no thanks, but don’t forget about the changes I saw in her.  I was sitting there in front of her, 20 pounds bigger than I’d ever been, straw-like hair, blotchy skin, fog brained with zero desire to ever look in the mirror naked again.  Every time I sat down, I felt my stomach rolling over itself and it felt awful and made me want to SCREAM.

I was at this breaking point when it took everything I had just to get up in the mornings and attempt putting some clothes on that made me feel like I was presentable.  I’ve never been the kind of person that tries on 5 outfits before walking out the door. On the contrary, I always jumped out of bed, threw on the first outfit that stood out to me and that was it.  I was desperate and ready to try anything, so I said Yes! To my first round of Sermorelin, and  I am so thankful I did.


I Didn’t See It Coming

After taking Sermorelin for a couple of months, one evening my husband asked. “on a scale of 1-10, how confident are you right now?”  I told him I needed him to be more specific, so he gave me categories.  First, he asked how I felt as a mother. So, I gave myself an 8 simply because I had a 14 year old in my house.  Second, he asked how I felt as a friend. I gave myself a 10.  I was very close to my friends and they were just like family to me and I took pride in being good to them and their families, it had become very important to me.  Third, he asked me how I felt as a wife, and I gave myself a 6 because of the way I had been for the past year.

Then he said this, “you deserve a 10, you have become such an amazing woman.”  I was in shock, was he talking about me?

I’d Like To Teach The World To Sing…

Remember that old Coca Cola commercial?  “I’d like to buy the world a coke, and keep it company.”

This was my new attitude at 47 years old.

I was the happiest, healthiest, and most excited to jump out of bed person I had EVER been.

My hair was thick and my nails were growing faster than I could keep up with.  I lost the belly fat, and not only enjoyed sex with my husband again, I wanted it all the time.  He actually told me that I was wearing him out…wait, what?  I discovered muscle tone, and could go on and on about the gift Sermorelin has been to me.

The Pink Ladies, my parent’s divorce, and our years with a boat lead me to realizing my life had so many things I wanted to go back and do over again.

Forget The Past

I live every day with excitement for the future now.  I FEEL lighter, and it’s not because of the pounds lost.  It’s because my entire body is working in perfect harmony.  We’ve all had a life full of those little moments we wish we could do over again.  Don’t let this be one of them, do it for yourself, you WILL NOT regret it.  Everyday I can’t get over the way I feel, from head to toe, physically and mentally.  The sooner you start, the sooner you’ll feel AMAZING!  No Regrets!





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