Reset Your Metabolism and Start Feeling Great

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October 10, 2022 0 Comments

Is your metabolism weighing you down? Perhaps both literally and figuratively, but all jokes aside, did you know that your metabolism directly relates to your weight, performance, sex drive, and more? That is right – your metabolic rate determines many factors that impact your health. If you’ve been feeling tired, sluggish, unable to train at your best or even lose weight, your metabolism might need to be reset. We are here to walk you through how to do just that and teach you some critical factors about your metabolism.  

Important Information About Metabolism  

Before we dive any further, it is important that you understand what your metabolism is, what it does for your body, and how it functions overall. When you consume energy (food + drinks = calories), your body has to use that energy to function. Your metabolism is the rate at which this energy is consumed and broken down for use. If your body is in a caloric surplus, your body will have to store the extra energy as fat, which is how and why people usually gain weight.  

However, if your metabolic rate is too slow to break down the energy you are consuming, then it might have the same effect as storing extra, unwanted pounds. Your metabolism is essentially a chemical reaction happening right inside your body.  

The relationship between hormone levels and metabolism is also strongly connected. Therefore, the easiest way to determine whether your metabolism has changed is to have blood work tested for certain hormone levels.  

 Different Health Issues Can Change Your Metabolism  

It is possible that your metabolic rate changes over time. In fact, age and time are two things that can cause changes to your metabolism. As you get older, your metabolism slows down, making it harder for you to lose weight and use the energy you consume. That is why older people often comment that they cannot eat as much as they used to, but your metabolism starts changing at the age of 20. Usually, around the time you have completed puberty and are out of your adolescent phase.  

Other factors that cause changes to your metabolism include: 

  • physical activity  
  • sleep  
  • stress  
  • weight 
  • emotional wellness  
  • diet 
  • environment  

This is not a complete list of everything that can affect your metabolism. However, the biggest takeaway here is that your metabolism is impacted by your daily habits and the environment within which you exist. Simply put, your metabolism is directly impacted by your health habits. Other factors out of your control that directly affect your metabolism (like genetics), but we are focusing solely on the things within your control.  

Similar to what causes changes to your metabolism are signs that it is slowing down or has changed its rate:  

  • weight gain  
  • fatigue  
  • constipation  
  • slow pulse  
  • difficult to lose weight 
  • depression and anxiety  
  • extreme sugar and carb cravings 
  • headaches 
  • decreased nail and hair health 

If and when you notice any of the above occur out of the ordinary for you, it is important to figure out if your metabolism could use a reset!  

Different Ways to Help Increase Your Metabolism  

We’ve gone through what causes changes to your metabolism and signs that it could be slowing down, so let’s now explore what you can actually do to speed up your metabolism 

  • Change your diet to include increased greens, fruits, protein, and fiber 
  • Try fasting for small periods of time 
  • Engage in regular physical activity 
  • Get regular sleep every night  
  • Stay hydrated 
  • Eat breakfast – this kickstarts your metabolism! 
  • Prioritize stress management  
  • Drink coffee or tea (the caffeine speeds up your metabolism, but avoid caffeinated drinks that are sugary, like soda) 
  • Take supplements to boost your immune system and overall health 

How Long Does It Take to Reset Your Metabolism?  

Bursts of fasting periods can help boost your metabolism as a quick-fix solution for resetting your metabolism. If you are in a quick pinch, it is better to be in a caloric deficit to lose weight and focus on resetting your metabolism over time.  

Unfortunately, nothing worth having (or working for) ever comes quick, but it can come easier than you think! And with a bit of patience and dedication, your metabolism could be reset in no time. It is normal not to see results until about 3-6 months after taking the time and effort to change lifestyle habits. But you don’t have to rely on diet and exercise to reset your metabolism. The best weight loss supplements on the market do exist to help you out, too.  

Which Supplements Can Help Improve Your Metabolic Rate? 

If you are looking for that extra support, the best weight loss supplements can help you boost your metabolic rate easily. Fixing your metabolism is essential if you want to regain your athleticism and perform at your optimal strength. Everything has your metabolism at its foundation, including your weight, sex drive, hunger cues, sleep quality, emotional wellness, and more. 

Supplements you can take to improve your metabolic health and other aspects of your health and wellness include:  

Between your needs, goals, and metabolic factors, it is critical that you speak with a specialist to determine the best weight loss supplement for you to take in addition to focusing on positive lifestyle changes.  

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