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May 28, 2021

Boost Your Immunity NOW!


You eat right, take your vitamins and drink your 8 oz.’s a day…but do you FEEL like you are at the peak of health?  How is your immunity?  Does it need a boost?

We’ve Got What You (WE ALL) Need…


What Is Thymosin Alpha-1?  (source Mayoclinic.org)

Thymosin Alpha-1 is a peptide fragment, or a small part of a protein molecule. It’s derived from a protein known as pro-thymosin alpha. This peptide is made up of a chain of 28 amino acids, which are the building blocks of protein. The human body makes Thymosin Alpha-1, and it naturally occurs in tissues like the thymus gland.

Like other peptides, Thymosin Alpha-1 is microscopic in size, but it plays a significant role when it comes to your health. After all, peptides are designed to regulate specific functions in your cells and tissues. Because they have so much control over important biological functions, peptides like Thymosin Alpha-1 are essential to maintaining good health and boosting your natural ability to ward off illness.

In fact, Thymosin Alpha-1 has a key role in overseeing T cells, which are critical to your immune response. The thymus gland is responsible for nurturing T cells and helping them thrive until they reach maturity. When T cells are fully grown, Thymosin Alpha-1 signals the thymus gland to release them as necessary. Upon release, T cells can attack viruses and other markers of disease.

How Does Thymosin Alpha-1 Improve Your Immunity?

Because Thymosin Alpha-1 serves as an immune system modulator, this peptide can help you resist infections, illnesses, and disease. After all, it naturally stimulates T cells to locate and eliminate viruses, bacteria, and even tumor cells. As Thymosin Alpha-1 prompts your body to respond to these invasive organisms, your immune system naturally improves and becomes stronger.

Clinical studies have indicated that Thymosin Alpha-1 can regulate immunity and inflammation related to rheumatoid arthritis, psoriatic arthritis, systemic lupus erythematosus, and other conditions. More recent clinical studies have shown that this peptide is effective in lung, colon, breast, and other types of cancer, too.

Vaccine Booster

Research also suggests that Thymosin Alpha-1 may enhance the outcomes from certain vaccines and conventional therapies, providing an additional layer of immune-boosting power. This peptide can:

  • Help your immune system become stronger so you can avoid getting sick.
  • Ensure that your T cells work correctly and effectively.
  • Increase the number of T cells your body produces when you’re ill.
  • Eradicate compromised cells so they don’t multiply.
  • Prevent infections, viruses, and diseases from spreading further in your body.

Who Is a Good Candidate for Thymosin Alpha-1?

Although the human body produces Thymosin Alpha-1, everyone has different levels of this peptide. A 2016 study showed that people who have autoimmune conditions such as psoriatic arthritis and those who are actively fighting off illness or disease have lower levels of Thymosin Alpha-1. For more than a decade, doctors have used this peptide to treat Hepatitis B and C. Some physicians have also used this peptide for patients with Lyme disease or chronic fatigue.

However, health condition isn’t the only factor in determining good candidates for Thymosin Alpha-1. Even if you’re in excellent health, your personal Thymosin Alpha-1 levels are likely to change over time. Most people naturally produce less of this peptide as they age. That means older adults and people who have chronic conditions may benefit the most from Thymosin Alpha-1 therapy.

This peptide may also benefit a much wider range of people. After all, having a strong immune system is important for everyone. Because Thymosin Alpha-1 has been administered to people of all ages, from children to adults over 100 years old, you may be a good candidate, no matter your birthdate.

How Does Thymosin Alpha-1 Therapy Work?

In most cases, you can benefit from a combination of peptides, especially if you want to achieve multiple overlapping health goals. At Elite, we specialize in peptide therapy, as well as creating optimal health for all of our patients.  It’s a known fact that we all become deficient in peptides as we age. Our peptide therapy solutions are designed to do everything from increasing your energy levels and helping you build muscle mass to improving your sex drive and helping you stay focused.  Bottom line…everyone is a good candidate for Thymosin alpha 1.

Benefits of Thymosin alpha 1:

  • Enhances the function of certain immune cells called T and dendritic cells
  • Effective for acute and chronic infections
  • Help eradicate the unhealthy or senescent cells and stops the infection or cancer growth
  • Exhibits antibacterial, antiviral and antifungal properties
  • Suppresses tumor growth
  • Increases vaccine effectiveness
  • Protects against oxidative damage

T cells, for example, come in two forms: killer and helper T cells. Killer T cells are responsible for hunting down and destroying our body’s own cells that are cancerous or infected with bacteria or viruses. Helper cells work with the other cells of the immune system to orchestrate and carry out appropriate immune responses.

T α 1 assists the immune system in the location and eradication of the Lyme bacteria and infected cells, while helping to prevent oxidative damage, thereby decreasing inflammation and enabling a better quality of life throughout treatment.

Thymosin Research:

Studies have shown that individuals fighting infection have a lower amount of circulating T α 1 and suppressed helper T cell numbers compared to healthy individuals. This is problematic, as the optimal immune function is vital to recovery from infection.

Supplementation with T α 1 has the potential for great therapeutic benefit for patients looking to strengthen their immune system and those suffering from an infection or autoimmune disease.


Now A Word from the Experts …

Concerns about coronavirus variants that might be partially resistant to antibody defences have spurred renewed interest in other immune responses that protect against viruses. In particular, scientists are hopeful that T cells — a group of immune cells that can target and destroy virus-infected cells — could provide some immunity to COVID-19, even if antibodies become less effective at fighting the disease.

Researchers are now picking apart the available data, looking for signs that T cells could help to maintain lasting immunity.

“We know the antibodies are likely less effective, but maybe the T cells can save us,” says Daina Graybosch, a biotechnology analyst at investment bank SVB Leerink in New York City.

Killer T-cells

Alongside antibodies, the immune system produces a battalion of T cells that can target viruses. Some of these, known as killer T cells (or CD8+ T cells), seek out and destroy cells that are infected with the virus. Others, called helper T cells (or CD4+ T cells) are important for various immune functions, including stimulating the production of antibodies and killer T cells.

T cells do not prevent infection, because they kick into action only after a virus has infiltrated the body. But they are important for clearing an infection that has already started.

In the case of COVID-19, killer T cells could mean the difference between a mild infection and a severe one that requires hospital treatment, says Annika Karlsson, an immunologist at the Karolinska Institute in Stockholm. “If they are able to kill the virus-infected cells before they spread from the upper respiratory tract, it will influence how sick you feel,” she says. They could also reduce transmission by restricting the amount of virus circulating in an infected person, meaning that the person sheds fewer virus particles into the community.

Big Words, Big Ideas…

T cells could also be more resistant than antibodies to threats posed by emerging variants. Studies by Sette and his colleagues have shown that people who have been infected with SARS-CoV-2 typically generate T cells that target at least 15–20 different fragments of coronavirus proteins1. But which protein snippets are used as targets can vary widely from person to person, meaning that a population will generate a large variety of T cells that could snare a virus. “That makes it very hard for the virus to mutate to escape cell recognition,” says Sette, “unlike the situation for antibodies.”

If T cells remain active against the 501Y.V2 variant, they might protect against severe disease, says immunologist John Wherry at the University of Pennsylvania in Philadelphia. But it is hard to know from the data available thus far, he cautions. “We’re trying to infer a lot of scientific and mechanistic information from data that doesn’t really have it to give,” he says. “We’re kind of putting things together and building a bridge across these big gaps.

My Brain Hurts…

This is A LOT of information, but very promising.  In layman’s terms…we are all in need of more immunity boosters and those brilliant little T cells are the answer.  From the beginning of time until 2021, those T-cells have greatly diminished in number.  Research isn’t clear as to WHY, but I’m thinking the introduction of fast food and processed foods PROBABLY had their part in all of it. Still, I’m NOT a DOC.  All I DO know is that I want more killer T-cells and I want them NOW!


Tip Of The Day…

I know this has been a college crash course kind of blog.  I learned so much just as I was typing and researching Thymosine alpha 1.  All I know is that I’m glad we have it.  It really doesn’t matter if you’re for the vaccine or strongly against it, what matters is that we ALL stay as healthy as possible and our newest addition has proof of doing that.  Building up what our bodies already naturally produce seems like a win/win to me.  I’ve experienced it with Testosterone therapy already, so I’m on board.  Cheers to IMMUNITY!!!



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