September 25, 2021

It’s Time for your body to stop acting it’s age!!!!

Brain Fog, Decreased Muscle Mass, Fatigue and low libido are all signs of aging.  Along with a list that is too long to mention, people have tried everything under the sun to SLOW the aging process.  One definitive way to actually get results is with the use of Human Growth Hormone.  Elite offers a wide range of HgH and our staff of exemplary doctors are ready to help you get your groove back.

What IS HgH?

The pituitary gland and its production of the human growth hormone are responsible for helping children physically mature during adolescence. However, HGH is just as important for adults. Among its numerous benefits, the human growth hormone helps maintain the strength of our muscular and skeletal systems. Yet once production begins to decline in our 30s and beyond, we then notice signs of aging like increased fatty deposits, weaken bones and decreased skin elasticity. However, HGH supplements can stall these unwanted effects of aging, and in many cases, even reverse them.


HGH Increases Muscle Mass


As one ages, the ability to sustain and increase muscle mass becomes a difficult task. The human growth hormone regulates muscular strength and density, so a lack of it results in a weakened bodily state. Using HGH supplementsas a part of one’s health regimen can give the body a much needed boost toward maintaining the muscular system and even increasing muscle mass.


HGH Reduces Body Fat


Upon turning 40, some people experience what is commonly called “middle-age spread.” Regardless of diet or exercise, it becomes harder and harder to keep the stomach area from storing up fatty deposits. What’s worse is that studies have found that collecting fat around one’s mid-section can result in more serious health issues such as heart disease or diabetes. Human growth hormone pills can counter this risk to one’s health. HGH supplements stave off the accumulation of fat around the stomach and vital organs, thus helping to avoid a potential heart attack or a worse health condition down the road.


HGH Strengthens Bone Density


Bones become more brittle and susceptible to breakage as one ages. Whereas a fall at 20 may cause a few bumps and bruises, the very same act could result in a broken hip at 60. However, anti-aging supplements can be used to ward off bone density deterioration. HGH pills work to maintain bone tissue, and together with a healthy diet and regular exercise, can actually increase skeletal strength.



HGH Improves Skin Appearance


Wrinkles may not be considered a life-threatening circumstance, but many people think of them as among the worst signs of aging. When the body decreases production of the human growth hormones, skin decreases in elasticity as well. It loses its tautness and begins to sag and look sallow. Yet HGH pills can reverse these highly unwanted effects of getting older. By restoring previous levels of the human growth hormone, the skin can quite literally bounce back from its former state. It will once again regain its suppleness and give off the appearance of health and vitality.


Combining HGH with Exercise


Human Growth Hormone plays a vital role in our growth as it helps in maintaining bone strength and tissue construction.

HGH is produced naturally by the pituitary gland in our brain. However, people with low HGH levels also take injectable HGH to boost their metabolism and improve their lifestyle.

Studies are concluding that artificial HGH injections help in improving strength, endurance and muscle mass.

You’ve probably heard that everything gets better with exercise. But have you ever considered how great would it be to enhance your exercise a bit more for extraordinary results?

This is where HGH therapy comes in. Combining hormone replacement therapy with your workout sessions can give you results that you’ve only dreamed of before.

If you are undergoing HGH therapy, it is always a good idea to exercise simultaneously. Here’s what you need to know.

Does Exercise Release HGH

When you lift weights or do any resistance exercise, your body releases more HGH. As more HGH is released your metabolism gets better, and so on.

However, exercise only causes a short-term increase in HGH levels. Therefore, to achieve maximum results people supplement exercise with injectable HGH.

Even though exercising will only give you a short-term increase in HGH, over a period of time workouts are vital for a healthy body and mind.

Injectable HGH With Workout Sessions

As mentioned above, adding workout sessions to your routine with your HGH therapy will work wonders. It will increase the amount of fat you burn, giving you a leaner body.

Furthermore, it will help you with increasing your muscle mass and generation.

It will ensure a healthy life, as HGH will help you maintain your blood sugar levels and boost  metabolism.

However, following a good workout plan will only help if you are careful with what you eat. A balanced diet is key in releasing high amount of hormone levels in your body.

Melatonin-rich foods have been found to increase your body’s HGH production. So, make sure you consume a good amount of foods like eggs, fish, tomatoes, and nuts.

Leaner body, great muscles, and an improved lifestyle. What more can you ask for?

How HGH Affects Male Fertility

For men, HGH affects sperm count and quality. As men age, fertility tends to decline as sperm quality decreases. A lot of other factors also contribute to the reduction of sperm count and quality, and a lower sex drive.

Studies have concluded that HGH can help to increase the sperm count of an individual and increase the desire for sexual activity. It directly affects the production of sperm, and also contributes to maintaining the sperm quality.

If you are experiencing a lower sex drive or believe you have fertility issues then it is recommended to consult your physician.

How HGH Affects Female Fertility

In female fertility, HGH affects the ovaries and egg production. Female fertility tends to decline by the age of 30. After 35, the decline increases.

With a combination of HGH and other hormones present in the body, ovaries are stimulated to increase the production of high-quality eggs.

HGH helps to convert androgen to estrogen. Estrogen helps to maintain the female reproduction system.

Females who are encountering fertility issues are always advised to visit their doctor to help them understand the causes on infertility.

If needed, HGH treatment can be prescribed by doctors and you need to understand all the possible side effects before deciding to start HGH therapy.

Human Growth Hormone (or HGH) is a natural compound that stimulates bone and tissue growth in humans. Besides growth, this incredible hormone also regulates adrenal, cognitive, and metabolic function, among other things.

HGH is extensively used as a performance-enhancing supplement in adults and to stimulate growth in adolescence. According to some, HGH treatment also promises anti-aging effects.

However, injectable HGH may cause risky consequences for some unfortunate people. But the good news is, one can also boost HGH naturally. Let’s find out how!

  1. Intermittent fasting

Intermittent fasting is a famous approach, helping you boost mental clarity and enhance productivity.

One can fast intermittently in a ton of ways. For instance, you can choose to have a single meal a day, keeping a one-hour eating window.

Or you may opt to abstain from food one day every week and eat normally on the other remaining days.

While intermittent fasting offers a plethora of benefits, its impact on HGH production clearly tops the list.

According to research, fasting can increase HGH levels by up to 500%. You can boost HGH production through intermittent fasting in two ways by:

  1. Keeping insulin levels low
  2. Reducing belly fat

If you want to boost your HGH levels naturally, there’s no better way than intermittent fasting.

  1. Healthy eating

Eating healthy improves your overall wellbeing. It optimizes HGH production, keeping your insulin and body fat levels in check. It’s recommended to eat foods rich in melatonin because HGH increases as a result of a good night’s sleep.

These include foods like pomegranate, raspberries, grapes, nuts, tomatoes, mustard seeds, fish, and effs.

In a study, it was found that exposure to bright light outdoors coupled with a meal rich in tryptophan can boost HGH levels substantially.

These foods include meat, beans, milk, and eggs. Make these foods part of your breakfast and follow it up with a 15-minute walk in the morning sun. This will help you get a good night’s sleep.

  1. A good night’s sleep

Nothing can benefit your body more than a high-quality sleep. When you’re asleep, you go through a range of cycles.

These cycles include light sleeping, from which you can wake up without much trouble to heavy sleeping, from which you’ll find it harder to wake up. During heavier sleep, you’ll release the most HGH.

During a good night’s sleep, your body cycles through different stages of sleep. Therefore, if you intend to optimize your HGH release, get a good quality sleep.

Getting older doesn’t need to be scorned. One can simply learn to age smarter with the use of HGH supplements. Human growth hormone pills can give back to a person his or her former strength and youthful appearance. No matter what signs of aging you have, HGH supplements can force back those undesirable effects of age and give anyone who uses them the ability to live a longer and more productive life.

Tip of the Day

Be in-tuned with your body.  It’s important to know your body, what it needs, how it reacts to things and how to help you help yourself.  Don’t fly blind and expect tests and docs to have all the answers.  Your body is unique, therefore, you are the only person that REALLY understands what it needs.  It’s smart to start a daily journal and keep notes on things you notice about your body.  Are you bloated often, headaches, weight gain, weight loss, skin issues etc.  Whether you are starting a new regimen or thinking about it, journaling could be the key to complete success.  Cheers to writing stuff down!!!!!!

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