Hormone Optimization: As a Couple or Go It Alone?

by | Nov 4, 2020 | General, Hormone Optimization

November 4, 2020

Hormone Optimization as a couple or alone?  Sadly, this question is not often giving enough thought when someone is starting hormone optimization therapy.  In today’s blog, I will make some broad assumptions that fit most relationships. My goal is to provide some perspective and considerations as you start or continue therapy.

There are many things that lead to a happy life with your significant other. Having said that, there are typically two topics that surface consistently when a relationship is a bit rocky. Drumroll, please… you guess it, money, and sex. Even in great relationships, alignment on these two make life all the sweeter. So, why would any couple not be as aligned as possible?

Well, life experience tells us that it’s very rare that a couple is perfectly aligned in the sex column and likely for a good reason.  If I had it my way, my wife tells me we would not get much done in life, and I probably would not find time to write this blog.  While there are some rare couples who are both just wanting to get after it all the time. In most relationships, one is wired to run a little hotter than the other. Now mix in getting older, declining hormones, kids, a career, and boom, the gap that was once manageable now widens.  This can lead to additional stress, and it suddenly becomes an issue in the relationship.

This is why it’s so important to consider couples therapy, especially if you are the one that is the primary driver in this area.  At a minimum, gain the support and inform him or her of the benefits and what you are likely to experience.

Bring Back the Balance with Hormone Optimization

There is not a single patient that starts hormone optimization who does not report increased libido and enhanced outcomes in the bedroom.  For some, it brings them back to normal. For others, it creates a drive they never had.  So, ask yourself a few questions. How often does my partner desire sex?  Am I the primary driver of sex, expecting every 48 to 72 hours?  Is your spouse the “let’s wait till the weekend” kind?  If so, you probably need to have a conversation before jumping into hormone optimization.

Sure, you may be starting therapy for many other health and anti-aging reasons, but a significant side benefit will be an even greater sense of drive that could lead to a widening of the gap in your expectations, leading to greater frustration.  Don’t get me wrong; hormone optimization is never the relationship issue and won’t cause you to leave or not love your spouse.  However, having observed my own relationship and many of my friends and family, let me provide some food for a mindset to consider.

Hormone Optimization Is the Greatest Thing for Patients Looking to Be Their Best and Feel Their Best

It’s very safe to say that once a patient starts therapy, it’s very rare to have someone discontinue.  In fact, I can’t even name one person that has ever discontinued in my circle.  However, before starting, evaluate who runs hotter in the bedroom.  Seek support from your partner and explain the benefits and what they may notice.  Seek their support and invite them to join you if they qualify.  Ideally, you would start this at the same time, however, if they don’t or one or the other does not require hormone optimization, consider EWAA’s libido therapies that increase drive and performance. These can be fun for those that are less adventurous and help them appreciate what it’s like to have a stronger drive.

Regardless of if your partner decides to join you in therapy, having had the conversation and not hiding it will increase the likelihood of support and or them joining you on your wellness and anti-aging adventure. No relationship can flourish and thrive with secrets or therapies they don’t support and understand. If you genuinely have the right person in your life, they will understand and support your wellness and anti-aging goals.

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