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Our clients are working hard and achieving performance goals they never thought possible. Whether it’s gaining strength, losing fat, challenging what’s possible, or a combination of all three, we could not be more proud of our Elite Warriors!

Incredible Results

“I just wanted to reach out and thank you for providing this service and especially staffing it with the high quality, customer service focused people I’ve ever encountered in the medical world.

“I have been a patient of Elite since January this year, and in a few days I’ll turn 63. Although I’ve been physically active my entire adult life, your company has taken me to the next level. I actively compete in US Strongman and have qualified for Nationals. I honestly thought these days were over as my body pain was getting unbearable as I have been medically diagnosed as needing shoulder and knee replacements. Your staff recommended protocols have been a game changer. I was initially skeptical of some of the claims, but after following your protocol, I’ve never felt better… ever!

“Each and every team member I’ve interacted with has always made me feel valued and never once made me feel stupid like so often happens when I bring up questions with my insurance assigned docs. I even made the decision to go with your team for all my hormone needs instead of the endocrinologist I’ve been seeing for 4 years.

“It’s people like Lori that made me confident to entrust my Fitness Health Care to you guys. As a Retired Military Officer with 21 years service and former Police Officer in the Washington DC Metro area, I have been diagnosed with severe PTSD and a variety of other fun issues. Strength training and pushing the physical limits of my body keep me grounded to this rock without using all those psychiatric meds. Without the gym life, I’d be back on them laying on the couch waiting to die. What you guys do is important to the many like me out there.

“Anyway, thank you, and I hope Lori stays on with you. I was thinking after the last consult I’d have to send my copay for a psychiatric counseling session! Empathy for patients has been lost in the mainstream system. I’m happy it is not lost on your team.

“I’ve included my last Dexa Body Scan results and although I’ve relaxed my nutrition over the summer, it’s time to go back to the grind for two US Strongman competitions in December! This would not be happening without the advice and consult of your team!

Thank you again.”

V/R – Maryland

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