Ditch the Dad Bod!

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June 21, 2021


In honor of Father’s Day, how bout we talk about those extra few LB’s you daddy’s out there think are OK!

First Things First

How much SHOULD you weigh at your age, at your height, and based on your goals!


Height and Weight Chart for Men


Height Weight
Inches Centimeters Kilograms
4’6” 137 28.5 – 34.9
4’7” 140 30.8 – 38.1
4’8” 142 33.5 – 40.8
4’9” 145 35.8 – 43.9
4’10” 147 38.5 – 46.7
4’11” 150 40.8 – 49.9
5’0” 152 4.1 – 53
5’1” 155 45.8 – 55.8
5’2” 157 48.1 – 58.9
5’3” 160 50.8 – 60.1
5’4” 163 5.0 – 64.8
5’5” 165 55.3 – 68
5’6” 168 58 – 70.7
5’7” 170 60.3 – 73.9
5’8” 173 63 – 70.6
5’9” 175 65.3 – 79.8
5’10” 178 67.6 – 83
5’11” 180 70.3 – 85.7
6’0” 183 72.6 – 88.9


What to Ditch?

According to popular TV Dr. Oz, a man’s waist size should be less than half his height. That means at 6ft tall (72 inches) your waist should be less than 36 inches. Not sure about your waist size? Pull out the tape measure. Larger than half your height means you’ve got the dad bod look – a little extra padding around the middle. Here’s how to get rid of it.

Avoid unmanaged stress

It is tough to make smart food choices when you are under stress. That’s because you are more likely to reach for high calorie comfort foods and give less attention to how much you’re taking in. On top of that stress hormones flood the body and lead to belly bloat. Since stress is a normal part of life it is important to plan ways to keep yours at a manageable level. Common strategies include exercise, yoga, meditation and mindfulness. Commit to doing something each day that feels restorative.

Watch what you eat

Simple carbs like white pasta and bread are the stuff dad bod’s are made of. Skip the white foods and reach instead for protein and fiber. Good choices include beans, lean meats such as chicken breast, tuna, fresh fruits and vegetables.

Limit the beer

There nothing like a cold one! Keep the emphasis on “one” and resolve to stop there. That spare tire in the middle isn’t called a beer belly for no reason. Skip that second beer and finally stop sucking in your beer gut.

Reach for water

Keep water on hand and sip it throughout the day.  Dehydration slows metabolism, which leads to weight gain. Dehydration also contributes to weight gain since thirst is often mistaken for hunger causing you to take in calories you really don’t need.

Get some Zzzz’s

Just as with stress, it is tough to make good food choices when you’re hungry. To make matters worse, sleep deprivation also leads to carb craving. You can expect the chips, beer, pasta and bread to head straight for your middle. Sleep enough to keep them away. Aim for 7 to 8 hours of sleep each night. Power down technology at least an hour before bedtime. The blue light your phone or tablet screen emits interferes with the sleep hormone melatonin. Inadequate melatonin production has been directly linked to obesity and heart disease. If you must use your device close to bedtime, opt for an app that reduces blue light colors.

Move more

Exercise is a must. Choose a weight bearing activity such as walking, running or jogging and pair it with a regular weight training regimen. Ideally, you will workout at least three times per week for a minimum of 30 minutes. Break it up into ten or 15 minute increments throughout the day if your schedule is too tight for 30 minutes all at once.

New Ideas!

The benefits of Testosterone Therapy are widely celebrated. This hormone has the potential to transform your health and give you back that missing ‘edge’ of younger days. Bigger, bolder, sharper, faster, and harder, these are common claims with testosterone replacement therapy!

What is Testosterone?(maleexcel.com)

Testosterone is known as the ‘primary’ male sex hormone. While this is true, it is a little misleading. Women do produce it as well; however, men produce ten times as much as women; this hormone is vital when it comes to all the ‘traits’ that make a man a man.

When a boy becomes a man, hormone levels rise, triggering puberty, facial and bodily hair, a deepening voice, muscle growth, healthy bone growth, and the production of sperm. Testosterone levels peak around age 20-30, but unfortunately, after this, a natural decline begins.

What are the Benefits of Testosterone Replacement Therapy?

Testosterone Replacement Therapy Can Increase Muscle Mass

Everybody knows the link between testosterone and building muscle. Testosterone is one of the many components that promote muscle growth. It indirectly triggers protein synthesis, which, accompanied by exercise, builds muscle. As a man ages, his testosterone production naturally declines; this slows the metabolism and increases the likelihood of fat, especially visceral fat, developing in your body.

Testosterone Replacement Therapy Can Reduce Fat Mass

Testosterone has a very complicated relationship with fat and is partly responsible for maintaining your metabolism.  Men with clinically low testosterone are commonly overweight, and a drop in testosterone level can increase body fat.

Belly fat is full of enzymes called aromatase, which convert testosterone into estrogen, this slows the production of testosterone. Higher aromatase levels also reduce the production of gonadotropin-releasing hormone (GnRH).  Lack of GnRH then leads to lower levels of luteinizing hormone, which in turn reduces the production of testosterone. All very complex, but in simple terms, belly fat, reduces testosterone production, and reduced testosterone can mean more fat.

Testosterone Replacement Therapy Can Help With Depression

The fact that symptoms of depression and reduced testosterone levels are very similar makes diagnosis a little tricky without a blood test. Depression, memory fog, and anxiety can also be due to just getting older. Both depression and reduced testosterone do have symptoms that are shared, but if you are suffering from reduced muscle loss, loss of strength, or swollen breasts, this is a reliable indicator of Low T.

Common symptoms of Low-T

  • Irritability
  • Poor sleep
  • A general feeling of sadness
  • Low libido
  • Memory fog
  • Lack of concentration
  • Lack of motivation

Testosterone patients often report a change in overall ‘well-being’ reasonably quickly after starting the treatment. Because motivation, fat loss, lean muscle, and cognitive processing all increase along with improved sleep patterns, it’s not surprising that depression is curable with TRT.

Testosterone Replacement Therapy Can Improve Energy Levels

Unsurprisingly, testosterone replacement therapy can significantly improve energy levels. This list of benefits is closely related.

  • A better night’s sleepmeans you will wake up more rested.
  • More muscle, less fat,and a healthier body all will improve energy levels.
  • Improved drive, motivation, and reduced symptoms of depression. All will give you an energy boost.
  • Better cardiovascular health, a healthy heart, and lungs are central to you being fit and healthy. If your engine runs smoothly, so will you!


Tip of the Day:

Dads…you too can STILL be a hottie, cutie, spicey, whatever it is you’re looking to STILL be.  Here’s the TRUTH from a woman’s point of view.  SWEETNESS, KINDNESS and a loving spirit or attitude can win you MORE POINTS than you can imagine.  There is nothing sexier than a man that can laugh at himself, brag on others and have the confidence to know the difference.  Also, every woman wants to feel like the most important person in her man’s world.  This is simple to accomplish and will win you point after point.  What man doesn’t want to get lucky when the lights go down?  Making your lady feel like a woman will do this WAY more than getting rid of any dad-bod.  Although, the hot abs ARE a plus! Cheers to SWEET DAD-BODS!!!

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