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Getting Back To ME...

💬 Not only is this top notch product but the results are crazy! I have to thank everyone at elite health for the amazing results! Thank you so much for getting me back to ME! ❤️ – Ashley M.

Rae Lynn

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Increased Energy Levels...

Elite Health has helped me with my energy level. I was experiencing fatigue and after speaking to the doctor they recommended a product and it worked! It even helps me sleep better and be more productive throughout the day. The process is easy and very informative. The entire staff is very professional and easy to talk to. I definitely recommend them and have referred several people to try them out.
~ Clint B.

I have been a patient of Elite since January this year, and in a few days I’ll turn 63. Although I’ve been physically active my entire adult life, your company has taken me to the next level. I actively compete in US Strongman and have qualified for Nationals. I honestly thought these days were over as my body pain was getting unbearable as I have been medically diagnosed as needing shoulder and knee replacements. Your staff recommended protocols have been a game changer. I was initially skeptical of some of the claims, but after following your protocol, I’ve never felt better… ever!”


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With Elite For 6+ Years

Best Clinic I've Used...

I’m Cody and I’ve been with elite for about 6 years now. They are the best clinic I’ve used and I’ve been on hormone replacement therapy for since 2013 and have seen at least 6 other clinics.

With everyone else I had to have in person doctor visits and medication refills and lab request and blood draws. Always inconvenient.

With elite it’s been all remote and the doctors are easy to deal with and the back office girls are great. The ladies books my appointments and coordinates my refills and required visits and blood draws on my schedule and with absolutely the least hassle I have ever had.

Something really unusual would have to happen for me to choose another provider for my hormone health and I’m hoping I’ve found the last clinic I will need.

My wife has used them for appetite suppression and had great results as well. They have a wide range of medications and make the whole process as easy as possible.

This is my honest review and I was not compensated for it. I hope this helps others chose Elite! Wishing you all good health and happiness!


Tim M.

With Elite For 6+ Years

56 Year Old Former Wrestler

Alright, gather ’round for a tale about my journey with Elite Health Online. Picture this: a 56-year-old former wrestler and rugby player, now a dad of three, carrying around 50 extra pounds since the glory days. Life happened, and I found myself far from the gym, wondering how I slipped so far away.

Then, a conversation with my nephew, who was in tip-top shape, led me to Elite Health Online. I reached out to Clay, one of the owners, who didn’t just sell me a product; he educated me on options and the science behind being the best version of myself, especially as we age.

That hit home—I wanted to be that best version, not just for me but for my family. I owe him one. So, armed with TRT and semaglutide from Clay’s company, the changes weren’t miraculous but meaningful.

TRT gave me the energy to hit the gym again, lifting weights and feeling that old motivation flood back. Surprisingly, it also lifted my moods and added some muscle faster than I’d thought possible.

Semaglutide? It helped put those sneaky cravings in place and shed some stubborn pounds that always seemed to stick around. Six months in, the compliments roll in, from ‘You’ve lost a lot of weight!’ to the golden ‘You look jacked!’

These affirmations aren’t just about the physical changes; they’re reminders that I’m on the right path.

There’s no going back now—only forward, getting stronger, feeling better, and never letting go of this newfound vitality. Losing that weight?

It’s more than just a number on the scale; it’s about reclaiming a part of myself and feeling lighter in body and spirit.

TRT? It wasn’t just about muscles but about rediscovering that zest for life. And believe me, I’m never turning back. 


Had best experience in the medical world

Best Customer Service...

“I just wanted to reach out and thank you for providing this service and especially staffing it with the high quality, customer service focused people I’ve ever encountered in the medical world.”


Felt valued all the time

Never made me feel stupid like other insurance assigned docs..

“Each and every team member I’ve interacted with has always made me feel valued and never once made me feel stupid like so often happens when I bring up questions with my insurance assigned docs. I even made the decision to go with your team for all my hormone needs instead of the endocrinologist I’ve been seeing for 4 years.”


Retired Military Officer with 21 years service and former Police Officer in the Washington DC

Without the gym life, I’d be back on them laying on the couch waiting to die..

“It’s people like Lori that made me confident to entrust my Fitness Health Care to you guys. As a Retired Military Officer with 21 years service and former Police Officer in the Washington DC Metro area, I have been diagnosed with severe PTSD and a variety of other fun issues. Strength training and pushing the physical limits of my body keep me grounded to this rock without using all those psychiatric meds. Without the gym life, I’d be back on them laying on the couch waiting to die. What you guys do is important to the many like me out there.”


Regained hope

This would not be happening without the advice and consult of your team

“I’ve included my last Dexa Body Scan results and although I’ve relaxed my nutrition over the summer, it’s time to go back to the grind for two US Strongman competitions in December! This would not be happening without the advice and consult of your team!

Thank you again.”

Hit your Peak Performance.

Boost your energy, build mass, reduce joint pain, increase stamina in bed, lose weight, restore hair, and feel your best.